Cancelled Date

The last time we saw each other was two months ago when she gave birth to her first baby. She has been the hands on mother for two months already. We just exchanging messages online since time won’t let us see each other. She is busy and so am I. I was surprised last night after see message me saying can we meet at the mall today. I immediately said yes to her because I missed seeing my best friend and also wanted to see her baby. All is set and agreed us by where, when and what time we going to meet. We call it a date.

I woke up with the smile on my face because I am so excited to see her and the baby. My excitement mood was change after hearing that my nephew has fever.arghs! I won’t be able to come and meet my friend with the condition of my nephew. I went online to message my friend that I have to cancel the date. Good thing is that she also online and waiting for me to come online. I was about to tell her when she message me first that she can’t go because her in-laws are visiting her and the baby. I said, thanks God after reading her message. Indeed expect the unexpected. We both cancelled our date and promised to set it some other time.

Battery for my cellphone

My cell phone was the first thing that I have that I can call my own because I got it from the money that I have saved from joining networking business. I did not last that long and that makes this cell phone so precious to me. It is my remembrance of my earning doing networking business. It has been in my position for almost three years when the battery is in trouble. I cannot use it anymore because the battery is bloated and I am afraid that it will explode in my hand if I still use it. My phone is in good condition except for the battery.

I am planning to buy a new battery for my phone because phone nowadays has become a part of our daily lives. We can be contacted wherever we are if we have a cell phone. And this will be my next project for the next blessings that will get it my way. I am planning to buy an expensive battery for my cell phone so that it will last longer. I have seen cheap ones but I doubt if it will last in a year. So, I will go for an expensive one and last for years. I pray to God that this project will become a successful one same with my other projects.:-)

Lost the Game

The Philippine football team ‘AZKALS’ lost the game today. They are defeated by team Kuwait for the second time around. It is very sad news to Filipino people who are expecting them to win since they have home court advantage. I, myself is expecting them to win today. Too bad the team did not able to snatch the game. They lost the game and the country is sad. Still the support is there since the team has just started their football career. Long way to go for them and sooner the team will make it to the top.

The team’s quest to FIFA world cup has ended today after losing the game. The Filipino people’s dream to watch the team playing at FIFA world cup is now gone. It is sad but this is part of the game. There is only one winner and that one is the lucky one. The door might close for team ‘AZKALS’ this year but their dream will not. The team will practice more and give their best to make it to the top.

Losing is not the end of every dream I must say because every loss is a stairway to dream big and aim high.

Blue Monday #37: The place to be


Every time I wanted to be alone, relax and be with nature I go to the beach. This is a place to be for me to motivate and see the beauty of nature. It is very relaxing seeing at the waves, the water, the people swimming, playing on the sand, the sound of the waves and the wind.

The photo above was captured by yours truly last two weeks ago when we went to the beach. Isn’t it lovely looking at the water, waves and the sand? Happy Blue Monday everyone!

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How does it feel?

Back when I was still in college most of my classmates are from the province. They just live in the boarding house or in the apartment because their province is far. I am amazed because aside from living alone in the boarding house/apartment, they are also far from their family. They not only battling the subjects at school but also battling the loneliness and sadness because they missed their family and love ones. I never imagined myself living alone because I am close to my family. I am fortunate enough that I live in the city.

I do not have any idea of how does it feel to live alone and far from my family. I know it is very hard especially when we are sick and no one will be there to take good care of us. Being sick is the thing that is very difficult for our body is weak and helpless. Thinking about it makes me sick but so I never tried it even before.

Right now, I feel the need to be away from my family for a while. I just think of living far from them for once. I guess I need some space to breath and being myself for the first time. I am still searching for the best place to stay and very convenient for me. I will for sure miss them but I am doing this for myself and for them. It is for me to test the feeling of living alone.