The family finances me to put up a little store attached to our house. My father told me to manage it since I have finished a four years business related course. I am so happy because this is an opportunity for me to put into practice what I have learned from the course that I take. The business that the family puts up is like a little grocery store that will cater people living in the village and nearby. It was okay at first and I am confident that the business will be profitable. I did not expect that months later there are little stores has been put up. And because of those competitors, the store runs very slowly. I was caught unaware and with s blink of an eye the store will be suffering from bankruptcy.

The sadness that the family felt was double the sadness I felt. Though the family is not blaming me, I felt guilty because they have given me trust and support but I failed them. It was like a nightmare to me seeing the store is slowly dying and I do not know what to do. I regret that I am over confident that I will make the business profitable. I should have hire cary bankruptcy attorney the first time I started the business. So that when bankruptcy occurs, I am prepare and ready on what would be the best thing to do to surpass bankruptcy. I am planning to put up another business and this time I will hire attorney for bankruptcy to help me when this problem occurs.

In behalf of Cary bankruptcy attorneys, I am participating in this blogger campaign and was compensated. The views and opinions is 100% mine.

Blue Monday #38: Love to Bath


This is my seven months old nephew who loves to take a bath a lot and loves to be in the water all the time. Smiling face while his nanny is bathing him. So cute and memorable moment for him so I took a picture of him while.

My humble entry for:

Smiling Sally

Their Favorite Spaghetti

Weekend once again and it is time to serve these little kids in the house their favorite food to eat, the spaghetti. I am always asked by the kids to cook for spaghetti for them during the weekends. Even if I am tired I cannot say no to them because they will never stop bragging me until I say yes and start to prepare their favorite spaghetti. It has been the part of the menu every weekends, how I wish their mother can do that to them but she doesn’t know how to cook spaghetti.

I remember before when I was little, I always want to eat spaghetti but no mother to prepare for us and no money to buy the readymade one. That is why I promise to myself that I will go to learn to cook spaghetti and cook for myself and the family. I love to cook; just that sometimes I am not in the mood to do it. Just today I am tired but no choice but to cook it for little gremlins will never stop pulling my hands away from the

And, in less than an hour their favorite is served and they have happy and smiling faces.

Say it out loud

To hear the truth from someone whom we expect to be honest enough is the best human act but too bad for others are not man to be honest just for once. I cannot seem to understand why there are individual who wants to hold back the life of others for their own benefits. Sending messages that are too confusing for a simple person who just wants to feel love by someone they choose to love. If you were to read between the lines it is like saying goodbye but not really saying it because he wants you to hold back. Isn’t it confusing?

Whoever you are, please be man enough to say it out loud if its goodbye already. Do not make a person hanging and waiting for you and the promises. If it isn’t going to work then have the courage to tell it to her because you slowly killing her. Even if I know that it is impossible for you to read this but if by chance you read this, do me a favor of saying the truth and stop pretending its okay because it is not. And to those who are in the same confusion, wake up and face the truth. Reading between the lines really helps. Good luck!

Five more months

It seems like it was yesterday when my sister gave birth to her first baby. Now the baby is seven months old. We have seen him growing so fast and seen the development every day. And also the baby can no perform the ‘close open’ fingers. Five more months and this baby will celebrate his first birthday. Call me an excited aunt because I am excited and counting the days, hours, minutes, seconds and the like till the big event. I say big event because my nephew’s birthday falls on Christmas day.

To others five months is still far to think about what to do on his first birthday and the budgeting. But to my sister it’s not since times flies so fast nowadays. That is why as early as this my sister wants to plan everything for her son’s big day. She wants it a simple and memorable birthday for her son. As usual, yours truly is always there to give my help, support and assistance. As I am an excited aunt, I want to be a part of the preparation. I just wish that my suggestion and presence is of a big help. Doing the preparation is never easy, so I am trying my best to help my sister.