Friday Fill-Ins #1

1. It’s fun to to go to the park and unwind.

2. Doing my favorite thing is easy to make.

3. I like to be in a place where I can get some rest.

4. I hate thinking things that I will never know!

5. Something I’m very much excited about is the first birthday of my nephew.

6. Pampering myself was well worth it.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watch dvd movie with my brothers, tomorrow my plans include going to the city to watch parade for the festival celebration and Sunday, I want to go to the mall to unwind !

I Am In Love!

This is what I said to someone who always asked me if I ever felt in love. A very common question for me to answer. And same as before my answer is, “Yes, I am in Love”. I am in love with my life, my family, the blessings I have received, my work and especially to God. There are so many reasons for me to felt in love. Seldom noticed by many because they are focus only on one thing. If we are to look around, we will see those things that we neglect to appreciate.

Each day is a blessing for me and I never failed to thanks God each day I wake up and see the sun shines again. No matter how big or small is that blessing, I can tell that I have the same level of appreciating it. There are ups and down in life and those are parts of life. Part of life that we can get strength, inspiration and energy to go on. Life is too short, so enjoy, appreciate and love every bit of it.

If I were to ask you, are you in love? God bless everyone!

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I have heard many stories from other bloggers about their content being posted in other website and their photos are stole and posted in other website. It is sad indeed that is why they are installing plug-in that would protect the contents and photos of their blog site. I do not want to happen it to me that is why I am installing plug-in to protect my contents and photos also.

I love my contents and the photos that I have posted here that is why I am installing plug-in for protection and also avoid it being stole by others. With the help of the bloggers that I have met in the group that I joined, I am able to install it. Thanks to you ladies for the help and the time you spent in telling me what to do to install it. I am so happy that my works are now protected. It is now safe to those not so good individual who steal the works of other. Happy blogging everyone and more opportunities to come. God bless and happy weekend!:-)

I am touched

I was checking my emails early this morning when I read a comment of a friend in my blog site. I am excited to open her blog site because of her message that she has something for me. I am so touched after reading her newly posted article in her blog. She did mention me there and that was her surprise for me. I felt so happy and overwhelmed by her considering me as one of her friends even if we didn’t see each other personally.

Thank you Mona dear for the friendship and I also wish that one day we will meet for real. And because I am so touched by your post, I am posting also how your post affects me. I am glad I meet you here in blogosphere. Cheers to our friendship and praying for more years of friendship. God bless us always.