Playing Hide and Seek

I do not know what is wrong with my blogs lately because some of my posts are gone. I felt sad because I do not have a copy of my posts. Double the headache this morning for me. My blogs was so fine yesterday and last night after doing my update. But when I wake up and check it this morning four posts from my three blogs are gone. I did restart my computer many times and still it doesn’t shoe up. I guess something is wrong with my server so I logged out. Later this afternoon I am glad that my posts showed up. I felt relieve because I do not have to worry about where did my posts went. I am happy in shutting down my computer because all are fine.

Early this evening, I log in to update my blogs and I was so surprised because my posts are gone again. Oh gosh, my posts are playing hide and seek I guess. Only show up when they wanted to.arghs! Up to this time my posts are still missing especially to my new blog. It is so strange because my friends can see it except me. My new blog do not like me maybe. Please, please stop playing hide and seek and come back t

Blue Monday #40: His two front teeth


This is my eight months old nephew who loves to smile a lot. I am eager to take a photo of him showing his two front teeth. After several times of tickling him to get a good shoot of him smiling showing his two front teeth, I finally took this photo I am sharing above. Don’t you love his smile?


Compromise Situation

The relative is need of financial help for them to check out from the hospital. The family wanted to help but the present situation will not allow the family to do so. We are battling of other crisis in life and the family is on a tight budget. My receives call from that relative crying and begging for some help. It breaks father’s heart that made him say yes from that relative. My father is now on compromise situation to help the relative come up with the amount money to pay the hospital bills.

Being in a compromise situation is never easy. It is very stressful thinking of where to find the money needed. I can tell it is too hard to look for immediate money but we are trying our best to be able to help. I hope we will be able to come up with the exact amount of money by tomorrow to help the relatives. My father asked my sister’s help about it and we are looking forward to get a response from the person who lends money. Since the family is in compromise situation, we will do our very best to help the relative who is in need. Though we did not promise to get the exact amount by tomorrow but at least half of it and the other relatives will do the rest.

He didn’t show up

The family is very sad today thinking of my younger brother who celebrates his 28th birthday today. We are expecting him to go home since he promise to be home this Friday. He decided to leave the house and chooses to be with his witch girlfriend. Forgive me of saying that word, I just do not like her for my brother because she is not treating my brother the right way. We decided not to stop him from doing what he wants because it is useless. Thinking of how he chooses the girl over us. It hurts our feelings especially father. He is really angry when my brother leaves because he did not bother to talk to my father.

We did not greet him on his birthday evens send message to his mobile phone because we want him to realize that we are hurt of what he did. The family still thinks of him each day especially today because it’s his birthday. We wish him the best and success in life and we prayed that one day he will realize how important the family is. He is so mean to give pain to father and the family. His actions show he doesn’t care what the family feels. Even so, we still think of him part of the family. I pray that he will wake up soon before it’s too late.

Back to Normal

I ma having some problem in opening my blogs that is why I am not able to update it. Good thing is that I have enough patience till it will fixed by the one hosting my blogs. I am shy to bug my host of what is happening that is why I waited patiently. I did asked her more than twice and stopped after she told me she is trying to fixed it. After days of not in order, I can now open and blogs and I can say that it is back to normal. I do not need to refresh it many times to open my blog site. Thanks to her because my blogs are back to normal now and I can do my update without refreshing it. And also I am glad that the paid article is finally posted after trying several times of refreshing it because it always says no server connection. I was worried about it, but thank God it published finally before the expiry date.

I hope this is back for better server and long lasting. Thanks Madam…you know who you are…God bless you more.!.