It’s nice to be back home

After 13 hours of travel, I am glad we are finally home. I missed home very much even if I am just away for five days. I did not have a good night sleep at my aunt’s place because I missed my bed, pillows and blanket. It was a tiring travel but fun because I get to meet new people and can be friends too. I really wanted to be back home soon for me to forget totally the lost of my phone. No matter how much I tried to forget it, still my mind still remembering it. It’s hard to accept that someone close to you stole your things. I learned from what had happened and told myself never trust to people nowadays even if you are very close.

Well, past is past and I have to bury the hatchet. Now that I ma home, I have to start a happy beginning, think of the positive things and go on with life. Earn and save to replace what had lost. Indeed there is no place likes home and I am glad I am home. It’s a good feeling to lay down in a comfy bed rather than on floor. And also, I can now does my online stuffs regularly again because internet connection at my parent’s province is very slow. Back in doing online tasks and forget bad thing happens.

Still Thankful

I am still upset of what had happened to my phone. I cannot accept it that easy because it was the fruit of my labor online. It is not easy to do blogging and to buy what I want from the money I earned online is a wonderful feeling. I have a strong feeling that someone from the house open my bag and took it. I am angry and really mad when I found out that my phone was stolen. But there is nothing that I can do to return it back to me.

Days passed and still no trace from my phone, I learned to tell myself that it is lost forever. Instead of dwelling about what had happened, I have to let go if it and think that I am still thankful that he/she only took my phone. I have to think on the positive side and count my blessings. Though I lost one important gadget that I have, I am still blessed that I have me my most important gadget. My laptop who gives me an opportunity to earn online. It is still a blessing and I am so thankful about it. Thank you God for the blessings.

How can I enjoy?

I have made my plans of how I am going to spend my five days vacation at my parents province. I am very excited and looking forward to this. When we arrived after a day of travel, I said to myself this is it. The fun will start tomorrow and it will be going to beach early in the morning. Enjoy the water and the white sand in the beach. It was a perfect plan until bad thing happened. My phone was stolen inside my bag. I left it inside my bag to be safe because I am afraid to put it in my pocket. The excitement was changed into sadness because of what had happened.

I do not know what to do and I cannot seemed to understand why some people do steal stuffs that are owned by others. I wish did not left my phone inside my bag. How can I make my plans of enjoying my vacation if I keep on thinking of my lost phone. It is very valuable thing for me because I got it from working so hard online. I want to screamed, go wild and hit someone who did it. I do not want to sleep because I keep on thinking of my phone. I pray that whoever stole it , will return it tomorrow. And please be honest for once.

Blog Idol Round 2

I have joined different giveaways and contests that bloggers are hosting. I am fond of joining because of the fun and the thrills it brings waiting for whom will be the lucky one to bag the prizes. Among those giveaways and contests that I have joined from past to present, this Blog Idol contest is the best for me. Why? Because I feel like I am joining in a long running television contests that viewers/readers will casts their votes. One of a kind contests here in blogosphere indeed!

Without further a do…I would like to asked from your kind of heart to support for me by voting the song that I picked for this week. Each week, the host will eliminates participants who got the lowest votes. PLEASE VOTE FOR MY CHOICE OF SONG THIS WEEK AND HELP ME MAKE IT TO THE TOP THREE. wink!

To vote, just click HERE and read carefully the mechanics so that your votes wont be wasted.

Note: Vote for my choice of song which is #10. Not my name nor mention my name when you vote. Thanks very much. Genny.

To Get Rid of Razor Burn

My father and brothers have tried using different razor blades in shaving their beards but still has not found the best one to use. With the latest razor blades and cream that they used, still they are suffering from razor burn. I do not have any idea of how painful it is, but by looking at their faces I can tell that the pain is not easy. Sometimes I think I am lucky I am not a guy or else I will experience the pain they felt from razor burn. I was looking through the razors, and it is not in good quality and the creams are not good for their type of skin.

Seeing the razor burn on their faces after shaving makes me sad. I wanted to help them that is why I am looking and searching for ways on how to get rid of razor burn. It is really important to know the ways to prevent razor burn and at the same time knowing on what should be the right thing to do in shaving. It would be best to see them smiling after shaving and free from razor burn. Now that they know the right ways in shaving, I am pretty sure they can now gets rid of razor burn for life.

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