That’s not true

After her operation, the family opted to keep her real condition is for her to recover early. It is not easy for the family to face her knowing that they lied to her when she asked how is she and what is wrong with her. All she knows is that, her kidney is not functioning well that is what it has to be removed immediately. It has been three weeks now after her operation. It is good to see that she is recovering fast and started her chemo therapy as advised by the doctor because they have detected a mass beside the kidney that has been removed.

Since she is now doing her first session of chemo therapy, the family decided to tell her about her real condition. The family told her that she has a cancer. The family is ready to comfort her because they expected her to cry and in a shocking situation. “That is not true” , this are the words the heard from her. She did not cry nor shocked after hearing what her family told her. The family was not able to tell her that the doctor told them that she only have two – three years to live. Well, nobody really knows what will happen soon, but to be ready and let her know of her condition is the best thing to do to be aware and make herself ready. Even though they are worried, the family give her some time to think about it and I hope will accept the truth.

The Calm Water

PhotobucketThe weather is not so good when we went to travel going to Bohol, Philippines. I heard on the news about the low pressure area but still we pursue our plans to travel. While riding in the bus, I prayed that we will have a safe trip and the weather is good so that our ship trip is safe. While waiting at the ship to arrive the weather is cold and a bit windy. Makes me scary and thinks of bad things. I am so afraid because I do not know how to swim if ever problem I know it is so negative, but my faith to God is strong and that is all that matters.

After two hours of waiting at the pier, the official gave a signal that we can now dock in the ship. I am at peace when we are in the ship already because the wind calms down and the weather is no beautiful. We have to sail for five hours to reach our destination which is in Bohol. I am so happy because we do have a very safe trip and it was indeed an answered prayers. The water is so calm that we did not noticed we are about to dock in the pier in Bohol.

The photo is the evidence of our safe trip to Bohol. The dark shadow is the ship we are in. Thank you God for the safe trip and for guiding our trip.

Can I Help?

I was happy because I do not have any appointment to do outside the house. I can now does my loads of laundry. I have many dirty clothes from my short travel a week ago. I did not able to attend my laundry because I have busy schedule lasts week. I am glad I am finished the things that I need to settle immediately. Time for me to relax, stay at home and do my stuffs online. I sleep early last night because I have to start my laundry early to finish early also.

My nephew was still sleeping when I am busy doing my laundry. I am in the middle of my laundry when he woke up. Gosh! The gremlin is awake and I am pretty this little boy will bug me. He came near me, looking at me and utter ” Can I Help?’ As if he knows what I am Even if I said no, still he wants to help. Well, not really helping. He is just playing with the clothes. He steps into the basin and wash himself…grrrrr I was not able to finish my laundry early because of my little nephew. Yes, he did help me in messing with the clothes, playing with water, soap, and wash himself together with the clothes. I just let him enjoying himself because he is just a child.

To be a license teacher is one of her goals in life after finishing her educational degree. She is a single mother and all her dreams are dedicated to her one and only son. To give her son a decent and good life in the future is one of her priorities in life. I have seen her struggles a lot and I am so proud of her because she is able to surpass all the trials and challenges of being a single parent. She has been very busy reviewing all her lessons in preparation for the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).

After months of waiting and preparing herself, she is now ready for the examination. And today is the day all aspiring teachers are waiting for. I can sense the mixed emotions of my friend and I understand her because my sister has the same emotions back when she was about to take the examination for teachers. I pray and wish her all the best of luck to those who take the examination.

This LET is very important to those aspiring to be a licensed teacher, so that they can practice their teaching skills and can share their knowledge to young ones. It is an advantage if they pass the examination for they can get a job easily. Good to the examinees and I pray you will pass the examination especially to my friend. You can do it Ading..go go go!

My passion to write

This is my entry to Techie She Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week 17. This week’s prize is $10 paypal credits from Mys of Written by Mys.

To write is what I love to do back when I was studying. I love to write poems, short stories and love letters during my leisure time. My passion to write brought me this far and I am happy about it. And also this passion gives me an opportunity to earn online, doing the things that I love to do, able to share what is on my mind to my readers and visitors in my blog. I can see myself writing a lot more, share my thoughts and ideas online. Thanks God for this wonderful skill that I have. Amen!