Turning it On and Off

I am at the hospital right now accompanying my sister and her family. Her son will undergoes operation tomorrow. My sister is nervous that is why I am here to comfort her and give my support. I know what she is feeling right now and I am trying my best to make her worries go away. I am worried too but I am not showing it to my sister because it will double her worries.

Oh well, the room we are in is so cold because of the air conditioned. I am not used to air conditioned that makes the situation worse. The room has the two bed because it is semi-private. Unfortunately we are occupying the bed nears the a/c. I turned off the a/c for a while because I am chilling and my body is shaking because of too much cold. The other patient noticed that the a/c is not cold anymore, she turns it on. And when it gets very cold I turn it off. So, we are like playing here. Turning on and off the a/c. I hope I will be able to sleep straight tonight in this very cold room. Good luck to me.lol

Got 0 over 10

Last Friday was the week test of my nieces at school. Her mother wanted to teach her for her to get a highest score. While her mother is teaching, her eyes are looking outside to see other kids playing. I can see in her eyes that she wanted to play with them. Her body is present but her mind is absent. The mother got angry and close the door. But then she said to her mother that she knows everything already. No need to study because she knows already. Even the mother is insisted on studying her lessons, her being absents minded makes her mother to just leave her alone.

Today the result of their week examination was given to them by their teacher. It was a surprised because my niece got zero on English subject. Her parents are so angry especially her mother. The questions are so easy if she reviewed her lesson. Well, nothing we can do but to just remind the niece of what had happened. She learned her lesson and she got a punishment from her father. No more going outside and no more playing after school. I hope she learns her lesson and that she will do better next time and study her lessons.

Didn’t show up

The sister is expecting a visitor on her birthday that is why she prepared foods for them. They are close friends and some relatives. It was just a simple one because sister is on a tight budget. She was very excited waiting them to arrived because they messaged her that they will come. Hours went by and no one shows up on her doorstep. And she is receiving messages in her phone telling her that they wont be able to come. I can see the disappointment look on my sister’s face. To the rescue, I comforted her and talk to her that no reason to be sad because the family is here to celebrate with her. And family is more important above all things. I am glad I am able to cheer her up and we have a wonderful birthday celebration.

Her visitors did not show up on her birthday makes my sister sad and said she will not invite them anymore.lol I know it is not a good attitude and I understand her uttering those words because she is disappointed. It is really frustrating waiting for someone who will not come. I know the feeling of waiting for nothing. I just wish that the friendship they have will not be affected of them not showing up on her birthday. My sister deserves an explanation and that is what she is waited to her from them.

Don’t forget to look back

I remember when the mother announced to the people she knows and to the relatives how proud she is. She is so proud because with all the challenges and trials in life, still she is able to send her kids to school because she wants them to become a successful one in the future. The mother sacrifices many things just to make sure her kids are okay. She is the kind of mother that every child would ask for. I can tell that her kids are so lucky to have a mother like her.

Because of the sacrifices her body becomes weak and needs someone to take good care of her, no one is willing to give it to her even the love from her family. Her eldest daughter who is now a teacher, doesn’t even appreciate the sacrifices of her mother back when she was still studying. Now that she is already professional and can support herself, she doesn’t want to look back and give recognition to the person who is responsible for her success. She evens said, her mother doesn’t help her at all. After hearing it, I felt angry to her daughter. The never of her to say it. I want to slap her but opted not to because it is none of my business. The mother just cried and chose not to speak.

To her daughter, if you have time examine yourself and look at yourself without the mother on your side. No matter how successful you are, you will never be happy because you forgot to look back and give thanks to the person who helps you. Remember ” NO MAN IS AN ISLAND”.

She Just Left

It is too difficult to find a nanny/babysitter nowadays. With all the incidents and news we have seen on television about babysitter/nanny not treating the kids well. My sister is taking extra careful in finding one. As much as possible she wants a recommended babysitter/nanny. She is confident having a recommended babysitter. When she arrives, the sister is so happy because there is someone who will take good care of her son whiles she and her husband is at work. The babysitter/nanny was recommended by her mother-in-law. All went well because she and her husband likes the babysitter because she lover their son and also she does household chores correctly. Even if she is not ask to do it, she will. A perfect babysitter for them.

Three months later, the babysitter told the sister that she is leaving. It was so sudden and my sister is so shocked because the babysitter informed them that she is leaving the day before she left. It is a very difficult situation for my sister. How can she get a new babysitter. It is so difficult to get a replacement. If only she informed my sister early so that she will look for a new babysitter. Well, the babysitter just left yesterday and since they are still looking for a replacement, I will took over the babysitter job for my nine months old nephew. It will be so tiring, but I am used to it. Besides this is temporary job.