Three days vacation

Just this morning, my sister told me that I will go with them on their three days vacation in the province of her husband. I am so excited because I really need it to relax and unwind from the busy life I have in the house. I need to be away because of the stressful days I had with the kids. I like to be in the province because of the peace and quiet ambiance and the blow of the wind is so different in the city.

My excitement stopped because my father does not want me to go. As usual, his selfish reason stops me from doing what I want and what I like. My father seems to forget that I have a life of my own and also I am old enough to do the things that I like and make my own decisions. This is not the first time he said ‘NO’ every time I asked his permission. And this time, I will not let him stop me from doing what I want. If he will insists, I hope he will forgive me but I will go with my sister to have my short vacation. I will never stop to ask his permission, I hope he will say ‘YES’ after many attempts.

Broken Washing Machine

Our washing machine is more than a decade. It’s been in a good condition until my brother moved-in in the house. I only use the washing machine on rainy season to dry the clothes after doing the laundry. But with my brother and his family moved-in, they always used the washing machine almost everyday. They have many dirty clothes to wash everyday because of the kids. The look of my washing machine now is so ugly and I am sad about it. If I have the time, I try to clean and wipe the dust outside the washing machine.

This morning, I am planning to do my laundry to avoid being loaded. I cannot do hand wash because of the kids, I decided to use the washing machine. I was putting the water when I noticed that the edge of the washing machine in the drain area is broken. I cannot use the machine because the water will just drain. I am mad and blaming my brother but thinking about it, I guess it is because of the age that is why the washing machine is broken. I think of bringing the machine to the shop to repair it because we do not have budget to buy a new one.

An Event to Remember

We do want to do some fun once in a while to unwind ourselves from stressful day and for being busy at work. Pampering ourselves from joining an event is a good way to release our stress and be relax. I have seen this Tomato Battle in the USA event only on television and in the news. By looking at it I can tell that this event is one of a kind because everybody are having fun and enjoying in the event.

This is indeed an event to remember because they are doing this event every year. This year tomato battle is here to bring enjoyment, fun and smiles for everybody. The fight of fun and smiles are being seen in the Tomato Battle in the USA. The La Tomatina is one of a kind event that every should try once. Never miss to come to visit because there are plenty of things to do to make your day a memorable one. Throwing tomatoes to one another will make the town red and will give participants a good reason to smile.

This event is so perfect for everybody to unwind and enjoy. I would love to be in this place and make my day a wonderful day. I am 100% sure will remembers this event for the rest of my life.

Not meant to be

For the second time around, we failed to have the car that we wanted to buy for the family. The first one was the owner changed his mind not to sale his car. And the latest news, the car was already sold.grrr! This is twice in a row that the excitement of the family turned into disappointment. We really wanted to buy the car to start our own business but the car is avoiding us.

Today is the schedule of my BIL and my father to talk to the owner regarding the for sale car. But same as the first one, we did not get the car because it is already sold. My father went home with the sad face again because we missed it. The car was sold four days ago. It is so unfortunate for the family. There is nothing else that we can do but to accept that it is not meant to be. Our patience are being tested I must say because of what had happened. But we will never give up and will continue looking for a car because we cannot start the business without a car. I pray that we will get a car before this year ends so that early next year we can start the business.

Giving back to God

I have seen this boy growing up, making his dreams, setting up a plan and goals in life. Even before I can see it in his eyes how determined he is to make his dreams come true for his family. To him, his family is his first priority and his inspiration. His determination to help his family someday made him an outstanding student at school. The hard work of his parents was worth it because of the good grades and awards he got in school. His parents are so proud him because he did excel at school.

IIndeed the determination of a person will bring you to where you wanted to be because the boy is now a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). It is a dream come true after seeing his name on the new CPA board passers. The talent, ability and intelligence put him on his position right now. This is why he is throwing a thanksgiving party to give thanks to God for the wonderful blessings he has. The thanksgiving party is his own way of giving back to God the blessings he has received and he will be going to celebrate it with his family, relatives and friends. I say congratulations to him and thanks for the invite. Long way to go to and I pray for your success.