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It’s Monday once again and it is time to share photo with blue shades in it. I did not able to go out of the house because of my father’s condition. I just go over the pictures I have uploaded in my computer. I do not have much to share except this photo above. I am thinking that since I keep on talking in my previous post about my sister; why not share a photo of her and me. I am glad I have found this picture and happy to find out that she is wearing blue dress. This pictures taken during her wedding day last year. So sorry for the poor picture I have to share this week. I will try to look for more interesting and nice photo next time.

This is my share and Happy Blue Monday Everyone!

Smiling Sally

Bonding with my Brothers

It has been awhile since we have a brothers and sister bonding. They are busy with their life and I am also with my blogging things. I have missed the time when we were watching DVD films in the house. We are not fond of going to theater because we are not comfortable. We liked to watch action, comedy and thriller films. We talked, laughed and having fun while watching our favorites movies.

Tonight we decided to watch a movie and so my brother borrowed a CD from his friends. They are drinking while watching and me busy eating since I do not drink. I make myself busy watching and eating. Makes me hard to lose weight because I do love to eat. We used to watch with my father and my older sister. My sister is married and moves out of the house. I missed her so much even if she lives near to us. She is my one and only sister that I used to share my problems. It is a good feeling that we do this bonding because lately we have a little problem and we argue a lot. Even though, we still end up friends and ends with a smile.

No Clinic Today

My three months old nephew is not feeling well since yesterday that is why my sister decided to have him checked today. We woke up early this morning because we want to be at the pediatrician’s clinic early so that we can go home early as well. From a distance enough to read what was written on the clinic’s gate, we saw the noticed that says, No Clinic Today, Resume on Monday’. We feel sad because going to his pediatrician’s clinic took us an 30 minutes to get there plus we have to walk a little to get to the clinic. We do not want our day would not be fruitful because my nephew needs to be checked.

We decided to go to other pediatrician to have my nephew’s check up. We are glad that there is a clinic that is open 100 steps away from the other clinic. Our day is not that bad at all because my nephew have been checked up. The pediatrician also gave us a free sample of medicine for my nephew plus it is not the fee is not that expensive. We feel relieved because my nephew is fine and okay.

House to House Free Vaccine

Today is the schedule of house-to-house vaccine here in our village. It is a vaccine for measles protection and it is for free. No reason to say no because the city government intended to do it house-to-house. Their mission to help those people especially the less fortunate ones who do not have money to bring their kids to the pediatrician for vaccination. Volunteers are doing it on behalf of those government officials.

Though my sister-in-law says no because she is afraid that her son will have a fever after the injection, I still allow those volunteers to have measles vaccination for my nephew. They are so busy at work and no time to bring their son to the pediatrician or center for vaccination. I do not understand them; sometimes I am tease to ask them why but hesitant because she is still the mother. I do care for my nephew a lot and so I did not follow what is my sister-in-law’s no to I did tell her when they got home from work early this evening. I can see it on her face that she doesn’t like what I did, I just look at her and at the back of my mind I said I do not care. I did it for her son’s sake and nothing harm is being done. I so wish that they are thankful for what I did. I only want what is best for my nephew.

Another Ladder of Success

It’s been part of my daily routine to visit the site of my friend Ada. I like the way she writes that is why I keep on reading her updates. I must say, her English is nice and I get a lot of new words while reading and visiting her site. This morning, I read her update and it surprises me to know that she is about to finish her teaching degree. I am so happy for her because at last she will graduate and slowly getting what she wanted.

It is another ladder of success she is passing through right now. I am so proud to be her friend. This woman makes me amazed because she is so brave. Being single mother is never easy and because she is so brave, she is able to support her son. She will do anything just to give her son a decent and better life. Her son is so lucky to have a mother like her. I wish you all the best in life, all the success and I pray you will achieved what you are aiming for. May God bless and more blessings to come. I am happy to be your friend. Muah! myspace graphic comments