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High Chair for my nephew

The nephew is getting bigger and so handy that is why my sister is looking for a high chair so that feeding him will be easy. We have been looking for a good quality and enough for my sister’s budget. It is very difficult and we have to be patient because my sister’s budget is limited. We have been visited big malls here in the city but did not able to find what we are looking for. High chair from the big malls are a bit expensive and to my sister the price is not

After weeks of searching, finally we found what we are looking for. Indeed “Patience is a Virtue” because we found the high chair that my sister wants for her son. The price is so perfect for my sister’s budget. When I saw the high chair, I took a sigh and said thanks God. I am tired of looking actually, because it is very hard when if we are looking for the price. Now that the nephew has the high chair, feeding him would be easy. The high chair is double purpose because it is convertible into a comfortable chair for my nephew to enjoy watching the outside view. Since he do not want to sleep in the afternoon.

Still Thankful

I am still upset of what had happened to my phone. I cannot accept it that easy because it was the fruit of my labor online. It is not easy to do blogging and to buy what I want from the money I earned online is a wonderful feeling. I have a strong feeling that someone from the house open my bag and took it. I am angry and really mad when I found out that my phone was stolen. But there is nothing that I can do to return it back to me.

Days passed and still no trace from my phone, I learned to tell myself that it is lost forever. Instead of dwelling about what had happened, I have to let go if it and think that I am still thankful that he/she only took my phone. I have to think on the positive side and count my blessings. Though I lost one important gadget that I have, I am still blessed that I have me my most important gadget. My laptop who gives me an opportunity to earn online. It is still a blessing and I am so thankful about it. Thank you God for the blessings.

How can I enjoy?

I have made my plans of how I am going to spend my five days vacation at my parents province. I am very excited and looking forward to this. When we arrived after a day of travel, I said to myself this is it. The fun will start tomorrow and it will be going to beach early in the morning. Enjoy the water and the white sand in the beach. It was a perfect plan until bad thing happened. My phone was stolen inside my bag. I left it inside my bag to be safe because I am afraid to put it in my pocket. The excitement was changed into sadness because of what had happened.

I do not know what to do and I cannot seemed to understand why some people do steal stuffs that are owned by others. I wish did not left my phone inside my bag. How can I make my plans of enjoying my vacation if I keep on thinking of my lost phone. It is very valuable thing for me because I got it from working so hard online. I want to screamed, go wild and hit someone who did it. I do not want to sleep because I keep on thinking of my phone. I pray that whoever stole it , will return it tomorrow. And please be honest for once.

Battery for my cellphone

My cell phone was the first thing that I have that I can call my own because I got it from the money that I have saved from joining networking business. I did not last that long and that makes this cell phone so precious to me. It is my remembrance of my earning doing networking business. It has been in my position for almost three years when the battery is in trouble. I cannot use it anymore because the battery is bloated and I am afraid that it will explode in my hand if I still use it. My phone is in good condition except for the battery.

I am planning to buy a new battery for my phone because phone nowadays has become a part of our daily lives. We can be contacted wherever we are if we have a cell phone. And this will be my next project for the next blessings that will get it my way. I am planning to buy an expensive battery for my cell phone so that it will last longer. I have seen cheap ones but I doubt if it will last in a year. So, I will go for an expensive one and last for years. I pray to God that this project will become a successful one same with my other projects.:-)

I always joined different giveaways for bloggers online. Aside from the tempting prizes, I love to join because of the thrill and the excitement. Just tonight, I was checking the groups that I am in I saw this awesome giveaways. Prizes are the one that most bloggers want to win. I would love to have any of the prizes. So here I am joining the giveaway.

If I am lucky enough to win, I would like my domain name be Why? Because I usually write my daily errands, experiences and memorable moments that are happening in my life. It would be my online diary where my thought, ideas and feelings written. Writing is one my passions in life and is doing it for years now and counting. I am happy because I am doing what I love to do and at the same time earning from it. Winning would be a big opportunity for me because it only means I have an additional site to write the things that I wanted to share to people.

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