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A Simple Hug…

I have been babysitting my nieces for almost 7 years now. I love doing it because I do love kids. The 2 niece I have been taking care of, it added a new one. My lovable nephew who always laugh every time he sees me coming. Even though I am very tired of babysitting 3 kids at the same time, I am happy looking at them grow up in my hands and care. I am doing it for free because they are my brother’s kids. I do love them a lot, even asking my brother to give it to me my nephew. Funny but it is true, since I am the one taking care of them for years I want to have at least one of them.

Now that they are grown a little. My 2 nieces do always fight with each other, kids are kids as they say. It makes me irritated because I have my baby nephew to carry plus the 2 nieces who are fighting. Sometimes I cannot handle the irritation I used my stick to spank their but to make them stop. After doing it, they come near to me and give me a hug. It touches my heart, I felt I am a bad babysitter. No matter how hard I spank them, they still come to me and hug me. I felt their love and their way of saying sorry to me is through hug. It hit my conscience but I have to do it to tell them I am not happy with what they are doing. In a way I am disciplining them. I am doing it because I love them and I want to love each other. Grow old as best of friends.