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Abortion is not the Answer..

The essence of a woman is to bare a child and gave birth.  A dream that every married wants to come true.  The gift that is come from God to married couple.  A gift that will make the family grow stronger and happy together.  Not everybody is given the chance to have it due to some circumstances.  And they end up adopt a child just to have a child inside the house to bring smile and noise. 

Nowadays, young ones do engaged into pre-marital sex.  Without minding what kind of responsibilities they are facing when the girl gets pregnant.  They do not think of the future and the consequences, they only think of the present and the urge to do it.  When the girl gets pregnant, the first thing that will come into their mind is abortion.  They think it is the only way out for the upcoming responsibility.  They think the baby will be the hindrance for them to have a successful career.  Because they are still young, so they opted to abort the baby.

They may become successful in life but they will be haunted by their conscience forever.  Something that they wish to turn back time.  A successful career is a little angel’s sacrifice.  They might think of many what if’s in their life for a child is a wonderful blessings.  A blessing that they choose to disregard for their so called future.  I just wish that to those into this kind of situation would realize that abortion is not an answer.  It is a blessing  so keep it and cherish it forever.


They call each other buddy, best friends, and partners in drinking  and having fun.  They are the perfect of example of a brothers who do not fight and they prefer to share joke and laugh a lot.  When my mother died, they are the two person who guarded me to not be on the wrong direction.  I could say that they are the responsible one why I grow up strong and understand man better.  My two older brother who always told me before that I should not be involve into a relationship until I finish my schooling.  Always told me that there are two places I need to remember always, school and home.  Even though I do not like it because I want to go out and play with my friends.  I could say that in my childhood days I didn’t play a lot because of them.  Since my other died when we were young, they act as my mother.

Aside from my father, my brothers are the most important guy in my life.  I am what I am because of them who always watch me and guide me.  I could say they are very strict brother and I thank them for that.  Right now they are having a conflict.  Small things that makes it bigger to the point of not talking to each other.  I am so hurt knowing that they were close before.  The buddy I used to know is slowly fading because of a simple misunderstanding.  I have talked to one of them, to patch it and make them be friends again.  But they have different story what is the reason of the conflict.  Pride is overflowing that is why this things happens.  I just hope that this will end soon and the friendship between them will be back to normal.  My heart is in pain seeing them not in good terms.  I pray to God that they will be friends again, and say sorry to each other.  I wish they will lower their pride and learn to forgive and forget. 

Loving Without Losing….

A two person who is into a relationship should help each other to grow, enhance the themselves and accepting what they are as a person.  Not to change everything about each other for they are looking for something and wanting something which is not you.  They should bring out the best in each other not only the good parts but also the not so good parts. 

Falling in love is the reason why women/man want to changes in themselves for them to be accepted.  Especially the women because their man is looking for something in the.  Women to try their best to keep their with her and be there for her.  Even losing their personality for the sake of their boyfriend.  Unconsciously women losing their best selves because they fall in love.  Because of putting the guy as the center of their life.  Its like their world evolves around for the guy.  And guys are taking advantage of it, for girls will do anything for them. 

Girls should wake up and bring back their selves to the real world and real person they are.  Prioritized themselves and get the back the quality of life they have before the guy enters in their life.  Do everything you want and especially your interest that makes you happy and feel alive.   Women can love a man without losing themselves because that is life should be.  Loving without losing, instead grow together and be the better person.

Ask Him Why……

Women do have fear that their man is cheating on them, especially when it is a long distance relationship.  Anything can happen because of the distance that separates them.  Jealousy, doubts and lack  of communication are  the reasons why love they felt is slowly fading.  Women do have that fear because temptation is just around the corner, waiting for the next victim.  Although not only man do cheat, but man cannot control the temptation that is knocking on their doorstep.    And some men, do not like their woman to ask too much.  They felt being choked and not trustworthy.  This happens because couples do not have time to communicate and time to spend together.  Every time women ask of something they will yell and said ‘stop it’.  Which makes women think they do cheat.

This is what happened to a friend of mine.  She is not sure if her man is serious and have plans for the two of them in the near future.  She felt insecure because her man working far away from her.  Seldom to talk for he said he is too busy.  Her mind says let go of him but her heart says hold on.  Every time she do shares her doubts about her man, I felt so sorry for her.  Why he is so unfair to her?   Why she keeps her hanging on?  Things that needed to be answered before the big damage be done.  I so want to help her but I cannot because that is her life.  As a friend, I listen and give advice to boost her self.  I always told her ask him why but every time she asked him that, he say stop it.  So sad but his love is not sure, if it will be given it to her.  He just spent some time to talk only if he wants to.  I just wish that he has plans for them and if not better he ends it because my friend is waiting for him to end it.  I wish her good luck and all the best in life.

A Baby’s Heart Beat…

My sister is pregnant for two months now.  The family is so excited and happy to hear the good news.  We are looking forward to meet the new member of the family.  She is so blessed with a loving husband and now an angel on the way.  I can see it in her eyes the glow that she is excited to become a mother.  Last month we went to the doctor for checked up.  For her to know what she is going to do and what vitamins she is going to take.  Since it is her first baby, and she is 32 they said it is very risky.  So she needs to ask some questions to the OB for her safety and the baby.  She has a friend who is pregnant and asked by the OB to have complete bed rest because it is very risky because of her age.  And my sister is so scared to happen it to her, so she needs to see the doctor.

On her first checked up, the OB said she has to have an ultrasound for us to know if the baby has a heart beat.  She can’t give any medicine yet unless the ultrasound result has been given.  She just said to my sister to drink milk and eat if she feels hungry.  After months of waiting, she went to the clinic last week to get the ultrasound laboratory.  Yesterday we go back to get the result and give it to the OB.  We are happy to know that the angel has a heartbeat and is in good condition.  An angel on her way indeed.  The Ob finally prescribed what vitamins she has to take for the baby and her.  We are looking forward for her next check up next month.  An update for the upcoming member of the family.