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Mass Reflection….Greediness

Yesterday at church the sharing that was made by the priest is so inspiring and it is really touches my heart.  It is said that share your blessings to those who are in need.  If God is showering you with so much blessings it is expected also to share that to others.  God is using you as an instrument to help other who are in need.  Sharing your blessings will make God so happy of you and will give you more blessings to come. 

Do not be greedy as the priest said for God be happy seeing you do that after all the blessings you have received.  Buying things that you do not use it that much, buying things even if you do not want it that much and having more than one big houses is a sign of greediness.  Those acts of greediness is not good in the eyes of God.  He do not want His children to be like that.  He wants us to share and give.  Give until it hurts and give more until it hurts no more.  It is a good feeling if we are able to help someone and give happiness to someone who are in need.  A simple smile and thank you from then is enough to say that we are blessed and will be bless by God.  Double the blessings if we are able to share it to others.  God Bless!

Poem from the Heart

You came into my life, And made me complete
Each time I see you, My heart skips a beat
For you are the one, Who makes me whole
You’ve captured my heart, And touched my soul
For you I would climb the highest mountain peak
Your love I do seek
For you I would cross the rivers most wide
To have you by my side.
You are so beautiful inside and out
You are the one I admire no doubt
For you are the one God sent from above
The angel I needed, For whom I do love.
I promise to give you all I have to give
I’ll do anything for you as long as I live
I hope that one day you’ll come to realize
How perfect you are when seen through my eyes.
What a lovely poem that is dedicated to me.  Although he is not the one who made it, it is an inspiring poem to hear telling me how he felt for me.  Reading makes me floating in the sky, dreaming and wishing on the star that someday we will see each others eyes. A perfect poem in this battle of love.  Reading it with passion and from the heart will erase the confusion and doubts inside. 
To my readers, hope this poem inspires you also.  Even if we are single, reading it will inspire us that one day someone will come and whisper those words to us.  This is a kind of poem that would tell that us someone is there for us and will love us with all their heart.  Just wait patiently for that someone will come in perfect package.  This is for everybody who is in love and for those who are waiting to be loved.  Cheers everyone!

Her Maternity Dress…

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, my sister is three (3) months pregnant.  Because if this, she is gaining more weight and started to buy maternity dress.  She is changing her wardrobe,  from sexy blouses to maternity blouses.  I can see the changes on her body, her 25 waistline is fading.  But she is happy knowing that she has been blessed by God with a little angel inside her womb.  A little angel that would bring the smiles and happiness in her married life.  A baby will complete the family she dreamed of.

Today, I am very excited for she wants me to go with her buying maternity dress.  I so want to pick those dresses for her.  Before I used to be the judge when she is going to buy dress, top and pants for her.  Even she said I am the worse judge, still she wants my opinion.  It took us more time picking for she it find it hard to pick what she really wants.  Its kinds funny for while she is picking, she is murmuring that why is it maternity dress is so expensive.  I smiled looking at her picking and murmuring.  As I am the judge I have waited for her to finally pick.  For she cannot pick what she really wants, I have decided to pick something for her.  And I am glad she likes it, and she went to fitting room.  After a few minutes, she went out and said lets go to the counter.  I am so happy that she likes what I am picking for her. We ended our day at mall eating.  And that is the most important thing to do.  As a judge I deserve some treat.hahaha

Learn to Let Go….(Ada May)

I have been posted several article about my friend whose heart is broken by her boyfriend.  Their three (3) years relationship crashed down for the reason that she cannot understand.  I have considered it a long-term relationship for three years of being together is never easy.  Her world tumbling down when he says, it is better for you to stay away from me’.  A line that even me do not understand why he has to say those words to her.  Does he really cares for my friend?  A friend of mine who is giving her all for the love.  The love she thinks she found in him is never last that long.

I keep on telling her to let him go and forget him.  Yes, it is easy for me to say but hard for her to do.  I myself been in that kind of relationship, though not as long as hers.  I never want to let go either for I keep telling myself he is the one.  That is what I see in my friend, she wants to hold on and keep believing he will be back.  Letting go is never easy for the heart dictates our mind not to.  The heart that commanded us not to and there is still hope.  I do hope that one day Ada May will learn to forget him and let go of the feeling she has for him.  I still believe that there is someone there who deserves her love, for she deserves to be love as well.  Learning takes time and effort, and I do hope she will find the strength to do it. 

When it Rains it Pours…..

Our world today is in crisis.  People are battling so many problems in life in order to survive.  No one know when this gonna stop and no one knows what is ahead of us after this.  Many lives are affected because of this crisis, many are wondering why this happened and many are asking why God let this things happens.  Many died causing hunger for no one to eat especially in those areas where poverty is rampant.  Children are suffering from malnutrition.  Truly that when it rains it pours.  We have experiencing so much crisis right now, some lost their job and others are closing their businesses.  It is like a heavy rain that flushes us all in the drainage. 

Even though these things happens still we can manage to smile.  Some are doing the fake smile just to make them feel all is fine and will be over soon.  Keep the faith and trust in God that He will never leaves us empty.  That He is always there to guide and watch us.  Crisis is the way of saying come to Him and ask for more strength to go on with life.  Upon battling problems in life, we need to ask for God’s blessings to give us more energy and concentration to keep us moving on.  At the end of this rains in life, there is a rainbow that gives us a new beginning.  A better and colorful beginning after surviving for the heavy rains.  A rainbow that tells there is a hope for everybody and a better tomorrow for everybody.  Keep battling for there is a brighter future ahead of us.