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One of the most overused and yet misunderstood words that people usually utter is the words ‘ I LOVE YOU’.  This words has the most different meaning and explanation.   It can be heard from a different relationship.  It could be from fiance and fiancee, husband and wife, parent and child, friends, relatives, neighbors and most especially our relationship with God.  This words has the greatest impact to all of us because this is the words that God has given to us.  To love all His creations and spread love to everybody.  God’s words to us and our words to Him.  Love our neighbors as much as we love ourselves.

Today, as I have noticed this words has slowly lost the meaning.  People do not say it because they felt it, they just say it because they want it.  So sad but its true that this is the most overused words of today.  Saying it but doesn’t really mean it.  When someone said that words to us, we felt the love and we felt we are special.  That is why saying it should comes from the heart.  And if we have to say it, we should also felt it and say it with all our hearts.  We must say it to each other true and tender.  Felt the love and say in a very lovely and from the heart….’I LOVE YOU’.

It is stated in the law that, a suspect or a person is innocent until proven guilty.  They have the right to remain silent until their lawyer arrives.  These are the rights of every human beings.  A person is given the chance to explain his/her side to prove if he/she committed the crime.  But some in the authority violates this law because they put the law in their hands.  They interrogate the suspect in the form of torture.  So sad to hear and see but some do practice this for them to make a quick verdict.  They torture the suspect to plead guilty so that no further investigation.  Forgot to realize that this is a violation of human rights.

This is what I have seen while watching local news on television.  Authority people do torture the suspect, that makes my eyes teary.  They treat the suspect like animals.  Why do some in authority are doing this?  Question that many have asked.  They are not given the person the right to speak and explain his side.  Someone took the video while they are doing the torture, indeed it is a police brutality.  Many cases like this have not been resolve.  Hopefully this video will make some authority wake up and put an action to end this kind of human rights violation.  I wish this case will be resolve to give lesson to those who used their power to torture a suspect. They may be a suspect but they are still human that deserves some respect.

Sleepover at sister’s place….

I have been missing my sister for months.  We used to sleep together back when we were young until she got married.  I missed the talking we used to do before when we are lying in bed at night.  We talked and shared many things in life, funny and serious type.  I used to talked our past, when we are still young always quarrel and we laugh about it.  When she got married last January 2010, my night has change for I do not have someone to talk to while waiting my eyes to fall asleep. 

Yesterday her husband went to his parents parents place because he has to repair something.  And only my sister left in their house.  My sister invited me to come and sleep their overnight.  I am so excited because after months of missing her I will be able to sleep with her again.  We talk many things again, but this time it is about her married life and her being pregnant.  I am so happy to see her very happy in her life.  That is how I wish her when she decided to get married.  Although they have misunderstanding with her husband, my sister is matured enough to control herself.  As much as possible she want to talk and settle things.  That is how I admire my sister, always wants to settle things in a very calm voice.  I am so blessed to have a sister like her.

My Poor Little Nephew…

Today is one of my very tiring day, it is my day of cleaning the house.  Cleaning plus babysitting is very tiring for I cannot focus on one thing.  From time to time I have to stop cleaning because my nephew is needing me.  Fortunately I am done before the sunset.  I am happy for I have finished my task today and I can see a new style in our humble little living room.  Funny is every time I do the cleaning, I transfer things from one place to another that makes my father gets  Said I make them confused for the arrangement I did.  I just like to see new style from time to time.  That is me. 

I am so happy that I am done when my nephew cried.  I am so sad for he is so hot,  suddenly he has a fever.  Keep on crying so I have to carry him.  I am so tired from cleaning the house, I was thinking to take a nap but was not able to because of him.  After I gave him the medicine, he calm down but vomiting.  I do not know what happened.  My poor little nephew is not feeling really well.  Luckily he is fine after an hour and fall asleep.  I was not able to take a nap but happy to see my nephew okay now.  I do not mind if I am tired, to see me nephew is enough for me to relax. 

Learn bad words from her friend…

A child always observe things that is happening around them.  They think that what they say and hear is right.  That is why we oldies needs to guide them and teach them.  Telling them what is right and what is wrong.  But no matter how careful we are to not said bad words in front of them, they can get it from outside.  Some people do not care what they say, whether there are kids watching and might hear what they say. 

Everyday, I always let my nieces play outside with their friends right after school.  I let them enjoy for them to relax and have fun from stressful day at school.  And calling them after two hours to go home and start study their lessons.  But today I was shocked to hear them talking bad words.  Its like my blood goes up to my head.  I asked them where did they get it, I was so angry.  They are not talking makes me more angry to the point of slapping their mouth.  I do not like them saying those kind of words in front of them.  I felt so sorry for them for I was carried away by my emotion.  After I calm down, I took to them and make them understand why I did it.  I explained to them what kind of words they learned outside and say sorry to them.  I made them promise not do it again.  Hopefully they understand my explanation and made them realize that not all they heard and see is right.