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Laundry day and it is so tiring…

Today is friday my laundry day and I must say it will be so tiring for me. As I was getting dirty clothes I have noticed I have loads of it today.  I didn’t notice it for the past days because some of it are hanging outside the closet.  My father used to do that, putting dirty clothes outside the closet and hang it.  I felt like crying seeing my loads of laundry.  Aside from doing my laundry I have other household chores that I have to do plus taking care of my one year old nephew.

After doing my household stuff, I am not feeling really well.  Seems like I will faint and I don’t know why for I have the same thing even before.  Really I am not getting any younger.  My body needs some time to relax after doing loads of laundry.  I needed to take some nap to keep me going and be able to look after my nephew.  I took a nap because my nephew is still sleeping.  Truly years have gone when I am not feeling really tired after doing loads of laundry.  My body is not used to wash loads of laundry.  I am used to do hand wash but today I felt really really tired.  After today, I promise to do my laundry every other day to avoid  overloaded of laundry.  For me to not suffer and not fee really tired after laundry is done.

Those were the days….

As we are celebrating the 27th birthday of my brother today, we are talking of the things that we have gone through all those years.  He is our youngest and the baby in the family.  We always care and love him because our late mother loved him so much.  He was still very young when our mother got sick and passed away.  Always tells us to love him and guide him always.  I never forget those words that my mother always told us back when she was battling for her life because of illness.  She always wants us to love, support and love each other for she will die the five of us will stick together and will make our life go on without her. 

After our dinner, we talk of the past experiences we have encounter.  Although most of it are bad times, good thing are we are still together and manage to smile.  Now that we are older, those things will remained in our hearts for those are made us who we are today.  Things that made us strong and able to understand what life really is.  Though trials made us wants to give up but the thought of our mother keeps us strong and still going on.  We will always remembered the good teaching she has left for us.  Always cherish and treasured it wherever we may go and whatever life we choose to take.  Our mother makes us a better person and responsible person.  We owe a lot to her and to our father who supported us without our mother.  Those where the days that my mother was still alive and spend time with us teaching things we needed to know that would help us in the future as we go on with our life. 

The Noisy Electric Fan….

It is rainy season here in my country Philippines but still the weather is so hot.  Even is if it is raining, staying inside the house is like burning.  Climate has totally change nowadays due to global warming.  Since we do not have air conditioner, we used electric fan every time we feel the heat inside the house.  We have two electric fan for two year already.  I can that these two electric fan has been working a lot for us to bring coolness in the house.  It is so hard to bare the heat nowadays, I would rather stay inside the bathroom and shower the whole day.

It was recently when one of our electric fan goes very noisy.  When I look at the electric fan I can tell that its tired and want some rest for a few days.  Noise is very loud especially at night.  When all is quiet, I can hear the noise louder that will wakes me up.  My other brother who is a technician tried to fixed it but still there is the noise.  He do not know what makes it very noisy.  As he is trying to figure out, we are still using it and ignore the noise it brings.   Hopefully he figured it out and fixed it before he will suggest we buy a new one.  Because we do not have budget to buy a new one for now.

Her Sweet Downfall…

It’s been years since she is in confused for the man she loved has gone without any note or a letter for her.  She is looking, longing, and waiting for some answers.  Emptiness she felt deep inside her, lots of why’s in her mind that is left unanswered.  Even though she showed some smile on her face, her eyes are hiding those tears that ready to fall when no one is around.  The man she choose to love has left her and gone without telling her the reason why.  She find it hard to let go for she still hopes that one day he will be back again.

After years of battling all the why’s, she find in her heart that she has to let go of the person whom she treasured for a long time.  She had overcome the pain that he has brought to her.  She had end up the bitterness for the time had healed it.  The wounds that he left from the past has marked a scars in her heart.  It is too much for her to bare but it made her a better, wiser and stronger person over the years.  It helps her to finally move on and continue the happy life ahead.  Though he brought too much pain in her, still she considered him her sweet downfall.  A downfall that make her rise again.

The best card I have received…..

This afternoon I was looking at my things, trying to read those cards have given to me by my friends years back and up to present.  I have fun of looking old things it helps remind me of them.  The old memories and the happy moments we shared together.  I am fond of reading the words that are written on the cards.  It is a good thing to look at it and read it from time to time, makes me smile thinking of them. 

All cards comes from a friend here in the Philippines.  But the best card I have ever received  comes a friend online whom I only seen and meet online.  Our friendship lasted for a year already.  I never thought I could find a nice friend like that online.  It was a birthday and valentines day card comes from him.  It makes it more special because it is a two in one card.  One card hitting two occasion, funny to look at it because it is intended for his girlfriend from Philippines.  Sad to say his girlfriend broke up with him for no reason, he wants to throw the card so I asked him to give it to me.hahaha It was just a joke when I said give it to me, but he really sent it to me.  It is good to find a friend from other side of the world.  Our friendship will be forever and hopefully I get to introduce him to my boyfriend one of these days.