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Will you wait?

I have been waiting all my life to find someone whom I will love and will love me for me.  It’s been a year now since God give him to me.  Having him in my life would be the happiest day of my life.  I would never ask for more because he is all I have ever wanted to come and to have.  The only difference is that he lives miles, oceans and air away from me.  The love that God has given to me is living from other side of the world.  I never thought I could meet someone like him.  And never thought that GOd will give me the best man in the world.

Will you wait?  This is the question many wants to know and asked me.  And I answered them, yes I will wait because he is all I ever wanted.  I have too much patience in me that is telling me to wait for the thing I really want will not give it me with just one click.  Patience will be tested because he is from other side of the world and coming here is never easy because of the economic problems.  Only God knows what is ahead of us, that is why I am giving all to God and I have faith that one day we will be together forever.  I am always praying on that day to come and the waiting will be over for we have each other already. 

The Golden Rule…

‘Do not do unto others, what you do not want others to do unto you.’

This is the golden rule that I have kept in my mind ever since I was in grades school.  A golden rule that is suited for everybody who wants to be treated good and nice by others.  Respect others so that others will give you some respect also.  If others trust you, do not break it for it will ruined the relationship and will end up being enemy.  Before we do things, we make sure that we will not stepped into others life.

This is what I have observed in my neighbor.  I know this is not my business just want to make an example if you are not doing good to others.  My neighbor who happens to be a acquainted to me is having a relationship with married man.  At first they life together is in harmonious and happy.  Until she gave birth to their first son.  After two months, the guy change suddenly until she found out that her man has another woman.  So sad but it happened to her what she did to the original wife.  She let the guy pick unfortunately he pick the new woman.  Seeing her with her new born baby making me son.  The son has to suffer from the mistakes of his parents.  Really ‘karma’ happens on the day you will less expected it.  If you are doing bad to others, it will comes back to you.  I know I am being bad by sharing her story, I just wants others to know that before we are doing things and making some decisions in life we should always remember the golden role for it will gives us a way to make good deeds and be a better person.  If you want to be treated good and fairly, treat others the same way.  God bless!

Baby Shampoo for my Hair

I have tried so many kinds of shampoo but still my hair is brittle and falling.  It falls when it reaches below my shoulder.  I do not know what to do with my hair.  I can manage the dry and frizzy hair but I cannot manage to see it keeps falling.  They say I should use shampoo that is mild for my scalp, shampoo that will not harm my scalp to prevent my hair from falling.  But I still have the same problem and my hair is not thick anymore.  I even tried to use coconut milk as my shampoo.  But it cause me a little headache because my hair not dry totally.

I have asked so many advices from parlor but they are saying the same thing.  Until someone told me to try a baby shampoo.  It is too mild and good for sensitive scalp.  I have tried using it for a week now and in that short period of time I have noticed that hair falls are lessen now.  I am so happy to see the changes.  I think baby shampoo is best for me to use.  Mild and gentle to my scalp.  Hopefully after months of using it the thickness of my hair will back to normal.  And hopefully it will not fall down when it reaches below my shoulder.  I am looking forward to see some more development of my hair. 

Who will sweep the floor?

Back when I was younger, my late mother always thought me as well my brothers and sister to do some household chores.  Usually I end up sweeping the floor as I am the youngest among the four of us.  Sweeping the floor is easy for me at my age.  This is the reason why I am teaching my two nieces to sweep the floor.  I want them to become a good and responsible person as they grow up.  I want them to learn slowly some household chores. As they are five and seven years old, sweeping the floor is their next assignment after cleaning their toys on the floor.

They are in the house today because they do not have class.  When they told me that they want to watch tv, I told them to sweep the floor first.  Ronna (who is 7 years old) told me that Ella ( who is 5 years old) should sweep the floor because Ella is the youngest.  Then Ella said no because I told Ronna to sweep the floor.  They end up fighting with each other.  Ronna asked me, why I want her to sweep when there is Ella.  So to end the confusion in her mind, I get the two broom and give it to them.  And I said, instead of fighting who will sweep the floor it is best that you two will do the sweeping.  I told Ronna where she will start sweeping and Ella too.  After that, they smiled at each other and started sweeping.  They are having fun and a little race who will finish first.  I love looking at them doing it and telling them the missing spot.  It is a good feeling seeing the kids learning some household chores. 

Well Rested Saturday

I am so happy today that my sister-in-law bring her two daughters to her office work.  Only left for me to look up to is my one year old nephew.  Seldom to happen that is why I am very happy to know that kids are not around today.  I can rest for hours, no noisy, no stubborn and no fighting around.  After burnt out from loads of work yesterday, I am able to get some rest today.  I took a long nap, nothing to worry about because only me, my sister and my nephew are in the house.  No need to prepare foods for lunch for my sister bring foods for us to share.

This day would be one of my day that I am free to just lay down, watching tv and after get come nap to regain the energy I have lost from being so tired yesterday.  And also every saturday a chitchat with my sister about her pregnancy experiences, development and her married life.  We always do that every saturday since she doesn’t have every the weekends.  The house is so quiet and peaceful that is good for me to get some rest.  After a little chitchat with my sister, we took a long nap and wakes up with a smile because I feel well rested and have some peace of mind.