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Suffering from Loss Bowel Movement

Today I am planning to get some rest and more sleep because I am not feeling well.  I carried my nephew for him to take a morning nap so that I can take my nap as well.  My nephew is half asleep when my sister knocking on the door.  She did not go to work because she is suffering from loss bowel movement since last night.  She wants me to go with her to the clinic to have her check.  And because she is pregnant we cannot just buy over the counter medicine. 

My plan for today to get some rest is ruined by my sister.  I woke up my nephew, get  ready him ready and myself and we are heading to the clinic.  My plans to get some rest turns out to be a tiring day for me.  Even though I did not get some rest at least my day is fruitful because I accompany my sister to the clinic.  Her condition is better than mine.  We get prescribed medicine by the doctor and now she is feeling better and the little angel inside her womb is better.  Thanks God! 

Its Monday and its time for another Blue Monday meme. Here is my entry for this week.
This are my nieces Ronna and Ella during my older sister’s wedding. They used to be best of friends now they always fight that irritates me. Even though they always fight I love them always. Seen them since birth up to now, can’t believe they grow up past. And am getting old. lol

Its monday once again and its Blue Monday meme posting. This is part of my monday routine here online. And this is my entry for this meme:
This is an example of a friendly ambiance which we like to work. As we are new to a certain company, we are looking and expecting for a friendly ambiance for us to work peacefully and happy. This picture is an example of a wonderful relationships among officemates and now good friends. I just want to share this wonderful relationships among workers in the company. They are officemates and now they are good friends. It is really nice to work with people like these. A company surrounded by friendly workers and a place that is full love friendly people.

Chef for Hire

A quick post for me today because I am a little tired.  We went to beach today because it is the birthday of my brother-in-law.  It is his request to held his birthday at the beach.  Since my sister do not know how to cook foods when there is occasion, she asked me to do it for her.  And because I love her that much and she seldom asked me, I said yes.

I swear being in front of fire and do the cooking is not easy.  So hot and I get to taste all the foods that I cooked that makes me find it hard to loss  Although I love to cook, I don’t want to be a chef even for my family because it is very tiring.  But no choice for my family wont take no for an answer.  And so I was hired by my sister to be the chef for today.  Instant and very tiring job for me and it is for me.  Doing it out of love.  At the beach we did have a little celebration and having some fun.  Family day, family bonding on hie birthday.

Little Surprises

Today is a very tiring day for me, I got some problem in one of my site.  Thank God I was able to healed it through the help of my friend.  My early morning schedule to visit a friend has moved into afternoon appointment.  Good thing I still able to go to my appointment to a friend because she gave me chocolates.  I am so happy thinking that I will give those to my nieces when I get home.  Because they always ask presents every time I go out.

Heavy rain in the city so it was dark when I got home.  As what I have expected, they did asked something for me.  I gave to them those chocolates and they give me a kiss.  No presents no kiss.  That are my nieces policy.  When I arrived, minutes later my brother and his wife arrived also from work.  To my surprise sister-in-law bought me sandals.  I am so  happy, this is the exchange of my chocolates.  Though I am so tired today, little surprises come my way and tiredness is gone.  Thanks God for these little surprises!