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Its Monday once again and it is time for blue stuffs. And I want to share to you my Blue Monday entry.

The moment his mother fitted this blue slippers, he does not want to take it off. Too funny because he was excited, keep stamping his feet on the floor and wants to go out of the house and walk outside. Even if he is still one year old, he knows when he wears his slippers it means going out. Today I carried him for him to take a nap and when I was about to take off his slippers he cried aloud. And so I decided to take a pic of his feet with his first pair of slippers. He loves his slippers too much to not let anybody take it off away from his

The Last Man Standing..

(Photo taken from
The most awaiting fight before this year will end and welcoming another year. Many questions have been answered today. Who will be the best of the best? and Who will be the last man standing? Those questions have been concluded. The world stops when the bell rings and the famous word has been uttered. ‘Lets get ready to rumble’
Once again, Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao did not disappoint all his fans especially the Filipino people. He is indeed the best among the rest and the last man standing in the boxing arena. And always be the last man standing. Always give a good fight that makes his fans go wild of cheering him. It is good to know that Philippines have been known because of him. His winning today is the big victory again of the Filipino people. Many are congratulating him and waiting for his homecoming. After his wonderful victory another question left unanswered, and this is, WHO WILL BE HIS NEX OPPONENT? WILL IT BE MAYWEATHER?

Letting go is not over yet…

The relationship has been ended months ago but still she is in struggle on how to let it go completely.  She has been trying so hard but the memories are still there that cuts deep each day of her life.  Trying her best not to think about it but her heart whispering his name.  Truly, madly, deeply in love with a guy who she thinks belongs to her.

Asking herself why her heart deny that it is over.  It is not easy to let go because of those happy moments they have shared.  Those moments they have shared are keeps on haunting her that made her cry at night.  Letting go is not over yet for her.  That is why she keeps on reading their conversations online, email and letters.  Until she felt the pain of the breaking up, she will find it hard to move on and let go of him and the feeling.  I pray that time will come she will feel no more pain everytime she is looking back those memories.  When there is no pain, it only tells that she is over it and now wants to let it go.  Only time can tell because only time heals all wounds in the past. 

Losing my temper…

My day was perfectly plan, woke up early, eat breakfast, clean the house, doing my online stuff and then take a nap. Amongst those I have mentioned, I was not able to accomplished it because of my nephew’s bad condition. It is only me and him again in the house as others are going out, school and work. I do not know what happened to my nephew but he is throwing up. How can I finished any of my plans when he is throwing up somewhere in the house?

I am losing my temper to him. I am so sorry to my little nephew because I shouted at him because he adds another job for me today. Now, I realized how bad I am to him. He is one year old and cannot speak what he feels and here I am angry at him. Even though I am angry at him, he comes near me and hug me and smile. I am really so bad kind of aunt today. I forgot to understand my nephew. I promise never to do it again, never to loss my temper and to have more patience to him. By the way, I have shared a photo of him and me. Good day readers and happy weekend!

Rest At Last…

The world is so busy, people are busy at work, at school and even at home.  Seems like time is too short for us to finish the things that we are doing.  And time is not enough for us to take some rest.  It is good to take some rest because our body needs to regain the energy that has been lost for too much working.  We only have one body and so we have to take good care of it because when this body becomes weaker and sick, we cant find a replacement.  
I am just at home, babysitting my brother’s kids, doing household chores and my online stuff.  Simple things as they say but mind you, household chores is the most tiring job ever.  They think that it is easy to work at home and we can rest, but in my case I find it hard to find time to rest.  Seems like job at home is neverending job.  We do it out of love not for any money. The past week, I cannot find a time to take some rest because the house is so crowded when kids are around.  But today, house is quiet because kids are at school.  I can take my rest and a long nap  Thanks God for a day of peace and quiet.  I will go to my dream land now. zzzzzz…..