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Grateful for your Help…

Blogging has been a part of my life for almost a year now. I did not expect I would come this far because I am not good in writing. I must say I am a trying hard writer. Writing and making poem has been my hobbies back when I was a student. Introduced by a friend to do this blogging thing.

In my one year of doing this blogging thing, I have gained friends from around the world. Friends that I have seen only those pictures they have posted. I was thinking to make a badge for my blog just like others have. A friend told me I have to pay someone to do it for me. I do not have budget for that right now and so I have to wait to get extra earning to have blog badge. God is really good because He gave to me a new found friend. A blogger like me named Jen of Jennyholic. She offered to do a badge for free. At first I can’t believe it because doing a badge is not easy and she is giving it for free. Last two days ago she sent to me the code for my blog badge. I am so happy and thankful to her for this favor. I am so grateful for your help Jen. I cannot pay you by cash or kind but I will pray for you and your success in this blogging field. I owe you one and I will never forget this wonderful thing you did for me. No words can express how grateful I am. I am enjoying my badge and I love it. Thanks Jen, God bless you more!

In life we do make a decision that will changed everything.  As much as we wanted to save both we cannot for we have to choose only one to save.  This is the reality of life that we sometimes uttered, is it fair?  Truly not all will be given to us because we have to choose and choose the one we think is better.

Our family is this kind of situation right now.  We have to choose between here and there.  So hard to make a decision that took us days of thinking what is the right thing to do.  After days of thinking about it, my father decided to give up our property in the province to save the house.  The house that we grow up, some got married and the house where the third generation of the family grows up.  It is a very tough decision for us to make because we are losing the valuable thing that my grandmother’s remembrance for my father.  The land that my father grows up.  Since we live far from my father’s province, we decided to sell the land and stay in our present house.  Family’s decision and we pray we are doing and making the right decision.  Though we might lost the property that my grandmother has left for my father, we win some because the house we presently residing will be ours forever. 

Today is the day of prayer because it is the feast of Immaculate Conception . Catholic people do celebrate today’s special occasion. It is Mother Mary’s birthday today. The Mother of all mothers around the world. A prayerful and loving Mother as elders used to tell us. As today is the holy day, let us encourage other to go to church attend a mass and pray. Happy Immaculate Conception day everyone!


Today I want to share to you my simple entry for Blue Monday meme. And here it is:
This is Gap Farming Resort, one of the oldest tourist spots here in our city. As you can see the picture itself represents what filipino people doing on their farm. The carabao in the farm and the farmer. The humble style and touch of this farm makes you appreciate how Filipinos are dedicated to their farm especially the farmers. Closer to nature ambiance that helps us relax and have peace and quiet moment. A good place to free us from the noisy city. I am a Filipino and I am proud to be one. cheers!
Hope you like my entry. Happy Blue Monday everyone!


For the First Time…

I was mentioning in my other blog that sore eyes in infecting our family.  Starts to my nieces and slowly scattered to other members of the family.  I am so worried about whom will be the next because there are three of us who are not infected yet.  I have not experience this sore eyes thing before and I do not have any idea how painful it is.  I tried my best to clean my eyes from time to time so that it wont affect me.  They said that it is a bacterium that passes through that is why I always wash my hands and my face especially the eyes area.

This morning I wake up early because my eyes are so painful.  I was so angry because I got sore eyes.  No matter how tried not to be infected I am infected now.  For the first time in my life I got sore eyes.  Gosh, it is so painful and I wanted to cry.  I cannot sleep because I feel like my eyes are peeling off.  Now I know the feeling and I despise this pain.  I put medicine already but it says it will take two to three days before it completely heals.  I cannot do my online stuff because of this sore eyes.  I wish this will goes away soon so that I can do my daily routine. Bye for now, resting my eyes!