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As my new year begins, a friend of mine asked me a question.  Would I be like to be single mother or  a married woman?  Put me in deep thinking of course. 

My friend and I do not have the same opinion and thinking about this matter.  On his point of view, if he got a baby it is okay not to marry the woman.  He has a job and can provide and raise the baby alone.  Which is opposite to me.  If I have a baby I also want the father of the baby.  He is not a believer in marriage and I do believe in the sanctity of marriage. 

Many are single mother with a better career. To him, it is better to be live alone with a successful career than to live with a person that is useless and not working.  Each has the role in the family, if the wife/woman is working the husband can takes good care of the house and the kids. I must say being at home is not easy.  Doing the same thing daily will makes a person bored.  But if you are doing it out of love for the family it is okay.  In marriage, it is important to talk and communicate with each other to avoid misunderstanding and insecurity in life.  Especially nowadays that woman are career-oriented and many are house-husband.  If ever I am a career woman and my husband doesn’t do well in finding a job, taking care of the house and the kids are a big help.  It is the matter of understanding and respecting each role in the family.  No stereotyping because it wont help the marriage life grows stronger and lasting.

If you were to choose, what do you prefer? Single Mother or a Married Woman?

Happy New Year!!!

Aswe welcoming year 2011, let me greet you all my readers, viewers, visitors and friends a very happy new year. May we all have prosperous new year and a blessful year to come. cheers!


Before this year will finally bid goodbye, I will not miss this opportunity to post my last entry for this meme this year. Happy to be part of this wonderful Blue Monday meme.

Last week my sister was having her pre-natal check up. While waiting for her to finish I took a picture of the Christmas decoration hanging on the wall at her doctor’s clinic. The color is perfect and you know why Perfect for the season to greet everybody a Merry Christmas.
After her check up, we’re heading out from the hospital when I saw this blue wheelchair. I took a picture also not only because of the color but also because it reminds me when my father had kidney operation. Looking at it brings back the memory when my father was sick and still in the process of recoving himself after the operation.

This is my simple entry for this week’s :

Complete Transformation…

I have a friend in high school who happens to be trapped in a woman’s body. Yes, she belongs to third sex as they say. She is pretty that is why we encourage her to act like a lady/girl back then. After our high school graduation, we have not seen each other. I have seen her back when I was in college but didnt get the chance to talk as I am shy to say hi to her. Maybe because she is with
After years of not seeing each other, we will get to see each other again on our high school reunion. The SHE I used to know is now a HE. I have took some pictures of her during our reunion. And here she/he is now:
I call her attention to strike a pose for a picture taking. And here is the pose of the year.
Maybe she/he get hungry from roaming around different tables to meet and talk to everyone who attended the event.
An extraordinary friend of mine that I will treasure forever. Though she transforned into a different physics, she will always be a friend I used to know. She/He is a complete package for she/he is jolly, friendly and funny kind of person. No matter what you are, what you want and what you do friendship and respect will always be there. Happy to see you happy MP! Merry Christmas friend and a glorious New Year to you.

Blue Monday # 12: The Boat

A week ago, my family decided to go to the beach after church because the weather is so hot. It is good to stay at the beach because ambiance there will make us feel fresh because of the wind. While watching my nieces having fun in the water I saw this blue boat. I hurriedly get my camera and took some pictures for this meme.
As the fisherman came to sell some of his caught fish, kids hurriedly came to see those fishes.
Curious kids wants to see those fishes including my niece who is wearing pink swimsuit.
Done selling his caught fish, Mr. Fisherman is now heading to his next destination.
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