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Brighten up your bathroom

Just like any other house, the bathroom is also another place that we must give importance. Fixtures and effects need to be good and relaxing, because its also a place in our house that we share to our visitors and guests. When we are having a party or celebration we make ready of our bathroom so that our guests and visitors would not say anything bad. If we dont like to have a bad comments from our guests and visitors we need to make our bathroom lighting fixtures more fascinating to their eyes. Pleasing our guests and visitors are a really good feeling.

Now that we have the chance to make our own bathroom, I would really make the best out of it. I would really make sure that I would provide the best what it could bring. Especially bathroom ceiling lighting that give more effects to a certain piece in the place.

A lot of my friends, offer suggestions and comments. Each one of it, I am going to consider as long as it would give more effects to my own bathroom. I am really excited of putting it all into reality, I really can’t wait. For now I am just contented on keeping all my materials ready and fixtures that I’ll be putting inside my bathroom.

Learning is Fun at Clipix

I am having some hard time in organizing my files online. I am so forgetful when it comes to saving it and sometimes forgot to bookmarked it especially if my mind is fully occupied. I do not have the patience in searching it again over the internet especially when the connection is so slow. This is the reason why I am looking for away where I could save the useful information that I searched online. Putting all in one clipboard would be nice because it is organized and I can go back to read it anytime I want. This problem of mine was solved by clipix. All I have to do is to save clip of my favorites in the clipboards. See the very useful video below.

So, what is clipix? This is site wherein you can use to put all the information you got from searching online. And also, a very nice tool for us to save the clip of our favorites. You can learn every thing from here by browsing your favorites and saving it here. Isn’t it fun? Indeed it is fun because you can have different clipboards as many as you like. Join now because it is free to join. You just have to sign up at and have fun clipping your favorites. It is fun because you can share your clipboards in Facebook and Twitter. Your friends can see it and if they want to comment, they can do it anytime. Cool right? Join now!

Above is the sample of what is in my clipboard. It is really fun because the files I have online are organized. I can make more clipboards soon for me to save more useful files. I will for sure share this to my sister for she also has many files online that needs to be organized. Do you have clipix account now? We can share what is in our clipboards and give our sincere and honest comments. The good thing about clipix is that we are learning and at the same time having fun.

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Awesome offers from Walgreens

One big expenses that people are spending each year is the medications. It is a bit pain in the wallet because of the high prices of the medicines that are prescribed by doctors. People do wish if they could get a discount to every medicines they purchased. The Walgreens heard the wish of the people that is why they are offering a special discount on annual membership for Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens. It covers every member of the immediate family, spouse, dependents 22 and younger and pets for $35 a year. Upon joining, you will receive discount prices on your prescriptions. And $20 for individuals. Walgreens wanted to help each individual that is why the are giving offers.

There are other benefits that Walgreens offer for everyone like savings on more than 8,000 brand-name and all generic medications, discounts on flu shots, pet prescriptions, nebulizers and diabetic supplies. And also, bonuses when you purchase Walgreens brand products and photofinishing services. There is nothing more you could ask for at Walgreens. Grab this awesome offers for it surely will help you in your prescriptions expenses. This is what people needs especially nowadays where times are really hard and getting discounts in every purchase is a big help. You can definitely save money from this offers and this is what Walgreens wanted to do to help their members and customers.

To support Walgreens and stay updated, like Walgreens on Facebook. And also follow Walgreens on Twitter. You wanted to save money on your prescriptions? The information you need will be seen by visiting them in the social networking sites above.

Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens

Many are saddened after hearing the not so good news between Walgreens and Express Scripts. The two will no longer doing business together started January 1, 2012. This bad new upsets the thousand customers of Walgreens. This event is very painful to the affected individuals knowing that nowadays prescriptions are a bit high and getting benefits and discounts are very much needed. But because of this event, customers will find other pharmacy where they can get benefits. The most affected individuals are the military and their families knowing that the Tricare is their pharmacy insurance and happens to be the client of Express Scripts. And this is indeed a very difficult situation to the most affected individuals.

With this kind of situation, it is best if we have a better option in which we can get benefits. And because Walgreens loves and valued their customers, they are having an awesome offer like Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens Getting the discounts that they are offering to brand name and generic medications is indeed a big help to their members. This is a big help and this is what Walgreens wanted to give to their value customers.

To give you some more clarification regarding this matter, try to contact your local media about it. You can also check out Walgreens updates by following them on Walgreens on Twitter and following them on Walgreens on Facebook. Show your support to this pharmacy who only does things to help us.

My Page Rank 1 Shirt

I was reading the thanksgiving giveaway hosted by Gagay, I am so excited because she will be giving away 10 PR t-shirts for the first ten entrants. I hurriedly make a post about the giveaway and submitted my entry. After a month, the giveaway ends and I am so happy because I was one of the top ten entrants. I really wanted to have a PR t-shirt that is why I am eager to join her giveaway. And since I am one of the top ten, I will be getting a PR t-shirt from Gagay real soon…( I want ladies shirt L size..)

Indeed, early bird catches the worms…