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My Only Ring…

The only valuable thing that my father gave me is a ring.  I love it too much to the point of not wearing it if not special occasion.  I do not owned any jewelry just the ring.  Due to some circumstances, I decided to pawn it because I needed the money very badly.  It tears my heart knowing that the valuable thing that my father gave to me is no longer on my hands.  I do not have any choice at all.  I did not tell my father what I did because I am sure he will not like it.

I lost the possession of my ring but I have saved an important thing for me as well.  I am working on how to get it back one day.  Though it is not easy as times are really hard nowadays.  I do not lost hope because that is the only thing I have right now.  To continue hoping to get it back one day is the one thing that makes me eager to work hard to get it back.  I am looking forward to put my only ring on my finger again.  Good luck to me.

Top 10 EC Droppers

As the month of January bidding goodbye, I want to say thank you to those who constantly dropping by at my blog. I owe you a lot and I wish that my thank you is worth of your time and effort doing the dropping. My top 10 droppers are:
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The Sewing Mom

These are Jaycee’s gifts given to him by his godparents as he was baptized yesterday. Two of the nicest gifts. All are nice but these tow are the best and you know the reasons why. The first one is a picture frame where we can put his pictures as he grow. Nice because when he grows older, he can still see and and will always remember it. The second one is for him to listen to. I can say it is very useful gifts are he grows older. Thanks to his godparents for these.
This is my simple entry for:

Smiling Sally

Silted River…

This is one of the rivers here in the city where I live.
Every time I go to the city, I saw this river. And every time I saw this river I see the changes. Water is not that clear anymore and not looking fresh like before. Gone are the days when this river looks very lively. Now it becomes a silted river because of the soil that comes from the upper part of the city. Every time there is heavy rain, soil eroded going down to this river. This is because no more trees that can hold the soil from being eroded. Logging of trees is the main reason why this river is no longer healthy.Back then, I saw people and families are having fun swimming in this river. But not they cannot do it anymore because of the soil. The river that used to be the lively river where people go to swim is now a silted river that no one dares to come to swim anymore. If only those who are logging trees from upper part of the city saw the look of this river now, they will realized what damaged they cause. I just wish that this river will be back to normal. It is never too late to bring back the lively look of this river, let us plant trees so that this river will no longer be a silted river.


It is my birthday today and so I have decided to post a picture of me today for my Blue Monday meme. Nothing much to say just want to post my picture today. Hope you like it
These are my humble pictures, wearing the top that my friend gave to me last Christmas day. This is my entry for this week.