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On and Off….

Earlier my net connection is on and off.  I understand at first, I just think that maybe many are using internet that causes the connection going on and off.  I closed everything and decided to do stuff this evening.  But then I was wrong because internet connection at this time is worse than on and off. I cannot open a window.  Always say page cannot be displayed.grrrrrrrrrr  I patiently clicking until it finally cooperates.  I hurriedly open my site and writing this update.  Letting you know people that my internet connection tonight really sucks.  I am afraid I wont be able to do my blog dropping and blog hopping.grrrrr   I just wish that this internet connection will be back to normal tomorrow.  I will sign off early tonight, because I cannot do my thing.  Good night every one and have a blessed Sunday.zzzzzzz

Pre-nuptial Video…

Have you heard of a pre-nuptial video?  Any idea in mind of what is it all about?

Well, I have heard of this pre-nuptial video just recently.  Confused of what is it all about and what is the importance of this video to the couple who are about to exchange their vows.  My confusion was answered today while watching a local show here in my country.  To me it is strange and just another expenses to couples.  I do not feel the need to do it if I am in the situation.   It is better to save and spend the money wisely. 

To do this really depends on the couple and depends on their budget.  For me, it will spoil the excitement on my wedding day, and if given the chance to get married I wont do this pre-nuptial video.  If you were single, are you willing to have pre-nuptial video?  And why would you do it?

Need A Massage

Last night I went to a birthday party with my nieces.  I got home late, stay up late and wake up early this morning because I have to babysit my one year old nephew.  I was not able take a nap this afternoon because my nephew is teasing me.  Feels like he do not want me to sleep for he keeps on crying and when I carry him he stops crying.  My sister went to her doctor and so it is me and my nephew are just at home. 
This evening I felt my back and my arms are aching.  It is not easy to carry five kilogram for the whole afternoon.  Arrghs! I really needed a massage on my back.  I am afraid I cannot sleep straight tonight.  Before it was my younger brother who do some massage for me if my back is aching.  Since I am here at my sister’s place, and my brother is at home I cannot ask him to come at this hour.  Tomorrow I will go home and ask a favor for my brother.  I hope I can sleep straight tonight.  Good night everyone!zzzzzz

One major thing that a mother worries is when her baby is not feeling well. That is what my sister is experiencing now. Lack of sleep at night because her baby is not feeling well. Runny nose and cough are the most common condition of the baby especially during rainy and cold weather. To calm her from being worreid, we decided to bring the baby to his pediatrician. While waiting for our turn I took a picture of my sister and her baby.
I find it so cute that is why I took a picture of her and the baby. Fortunately the color is perfect for today’s meme. At the same time a remembrance on that day as it was the first day of my nephew’s check up.

My entry for today’s :

Smiling Sally

Irresponsible Pet Owner

A dog is a man’s best friend, but what if that dog is no longer man’s best friend? 
I myself have a dog to guard our house when we are not around.  I tied him everyday to make sure people who are passing by are safe.  For me, it is better to do it so that nothing bad happen.  I know my dog and what he is capable of.  As much as possible I want to be a responsible onwer to my dog.  A dog is a dog, and will bite if provoked and if the person they saw is new to them.  
I have seen so many dogs walking on the street.  Scary sometimes because some dogs will chase people they saw.  I hate those irresponsible pet owner who just let their dog walking around and out of their house.  One perfect example is our nieghbor. They have two dogs that they let it go out of their house.  One day this dog chase my niece, glad that the dog did not bite her but scratch her butt.  I told the owner to tied their dog because it is not safe to kids.  I thought they listen but they did not. Still their dog is not tied up.  The other night another kid was almost bite by the same dog.  The mother talked to the owner and still did not listen.  I am afraid to go out when that dog is outside.  We were thinking of poisoning the dog.  I know it is bad to do it but what can we do when the owner seems doesnt care at all?  I don’t understand why this irresponsible pet owner did not listen to us?  I so wish that no one will get hurt seriously before they will listen to what we are saying about their dog.