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Today is an idle day for me. I just sit down and think of different things from the past that I want to look back and wishing I can do something about it now or make changes in my life. What I think about earlier is my mother. I miss her so much. I did not spend more time about her when she was still alive because she is very sick.
I was looking back during the days when she was still alive. I remember she taught us values, manner and to be a responsible one. Even she was very sick, still she tried her best to teach us. She wants us to learn and to be a responsible human being. What I am not is because of her. She is my inspiration, my guidance and my life. Even if she is no longer around, I want her to know that she made me a responsible person and a better individual. Thanks to you mother. Wherever you are right now, you will always be in my heart and mind.
This is my Thankful Thursday share for this week.


Last two weeks ago my old slipper was missing in I do not know who took it. Its just disappear outside our house. Really times are hard that people cannot afford to buy slippers. I asked my brother to buy me a new one. After two days, tadan…I got a new slipper. I am so happy and double the happiness because of the color. Matches to the meme that I have joined every monday. Thanks to my brother for the slipper he bought for me.
My entry for :
Smiling Sally

Going Out With Friends..

After months of planning to see each other and do the bonding like we used to do, we did it today. I and my two other friends are going out and spend the afternoon talking. It is a good feeling that at last we have some time to talk and be happy. Since our lives are different now, we seldom see each other because we do have different responsibilities. We do chat online and exchanging message in mobile phone, seeing each other and spending time talking and eating is different. It is like bring back those times when we are still in college. Less responsibilities, and always think of going to mall.

I missed my friends very much, and missed those times when we see each other more often. I seldom go out these days because of the responsiilities that is given to me. But today I took a day off to spend time with my friends and go out. I feel my freedom today and I feel the life of being single. Go out, go to mall and do not think of the time I have to go home. At last I did go out and enjoy my life without thinking of my responsibilities at home. Because of those responsibilities, I do not feel I have a life anymore. Thanks to Nancy and Ada for the time and the treat. God bless you more.!.


My entry for this week’s Thankful Thursday is about me bein lucky to win in a bloggers contest. I have been joining several contests and not fortunate enough to win. Yesterday I have recieved an email informing me of my winning. I am so happy that I am lucky this time. My name is so lukcy to win in a random org raffle.
Indeed God is really good and knows when you wanted it very badly. I needed some extra cash this week because some expenses occurs and I do not know where to get the money. It is an answered prayer I must say. Thank you Lord for not forgetting my name when I needed your blessings the most.
God Bless Everyone!!!

My two months old nephew had a fever 2 days ago. I accompanied my sister because she will bring her son to his pediatrician. While waiting outside, I saw this wall decoration. So cute and the color is so alive, perfect for this Blue Monday meme.
I took a picture to let you people know that one of my dreams is to visit disneyland. Seeing this wall decoration make me feel I am already Funny but that is how I feel since I am too far from the country where disneyland belongs. Still praying though to be there someday. It would be a dream come true for me.