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Hide and Seek

As of the moment taking care of my brother’s three kids and my sister’s newly born baby.  With eight, six, one year old and 2 months old baby.  I am not superwoman but what I am doing right now is a superwoman act.  Too hard, too tiring but all is fine because I am doing this because of love.  Seeing them grow up, developed tricks and smiling at me makes my day.  Two girls are schooling already so less the tiring because I only look after two kids in the morning.  When two girls are around I always yell because they are always figthing.  Glad they are at school in the morning.
Today while  I was feeding my two months old nephew, my one year old nephew is playing in the living room.  After feeding, the baby fall asleep and so it is time for him to take a nap.  I was still in the room when I am calling his name to come to me.  He did not respond so I go out from the room.  To my surprise, he is not in the living room.  I continued calling his name still no response.  He can’t be outside because I locked the door.  Roaming around the house I saw him inside the cabinet.  Silly little boy always wants to play hide and seek.  He always play hide and seek with his two older sisters and he wants to play with me.  So cute when I saw him inside the cabinet.  Made me smile because he covers his face after I saw him.  Simple tricks that their parents missed because they both are working.  Good for me to see them grow and see their tricks that made me smile.  

My nieces are having their educational at school and since their parents are both working, I am the one who accompanied them. While having a little lecture before exploring the place I took some pictures of the kids attaintively listening to the lecture.

Parents, guardians and students while litening to the lecture.
Notice the blue garbage in the middle?

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Thankful Thursday: Thanks for the Love

A year ago I met someone online. Meet him when I am about in the time that I never thought it will happen. We became friends and even more than friends. It is not an easy realtionship because we are in a different world. His night is my day and my day is his night. We sometimes okay and sometimes we are not but I am happy and glad we end everything with a smile.
I thank God for He gave me a man that will love me for me and accept me for me. Though we haven’t seen for real yet, we are hoping and praying that God will let us have each other. I know that anything might happen as we are miles apart, whatever will be the outcome of our relationship, I will always be thankful to him for the love he has given to me and showed to me even just online. Thanks to you very much! You know who you are.
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Top 10 EC Droppers

Love month has ended and it is right to give thanks to those who constantly giving their love to drop by and give their precious time at my blog. I pray that you will continue dropping here and enjoy your stay in my blog.
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Blue Monday # 20: Signage

They said that you will never know the important of a thing until it is gone. My country have been experiencing water shortage nowadays that is why people are encouraged to conserve water. Here in the city where I live, we have been experiencing water interruptions to conserve water. Many are wasting water, they just let it flow especially those tube that has leak. This is the reason why the water district here is examining those tube that has leakage. And they doubled the signage that you have seen above this post. I do wish that people will be sensitive ad responsible enough to conserve water because water is one of the most important thing that we needed to survive.