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These are my niece and my nephew when we went to the park one Sunday afternoon. My nephew is one year old and eager to climb up and slide. Since he cannot do it alone, I told my niece to accompany him. Before sliding I did took a picture of them. He was so excited and happy after sliding down. Mind you he done it many times that her sister asked me to get him out of the slide My very active little nephew makes me so tired but I am happy to see him growing and see his development each day.

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Learning Starts

Time flies really fast, my nephew will turn two years old few months from now. I still remember when he was still a baby, seeing him growing, his development and his smiles each day. Makes me a bit sad because as they are growing I am growing too. Makes me realized I am not getting any younger. Sometimes I think it is time for me to have a family of my own. Funny because it is hard when you do not have someone to make the family complete. Oh well, back to my nephew he is the kind of kid that you will surely love because he has his way on how loving he is. He just sometimes hug me and say “love love tita”. It makes me want to cry because he can talk clearly now. I remember I always told him “tita love love you”.wink!

He is growing and talks a little bit clear. We are teaching him the sound of animals, name of animals and teach him how to call us. It is so cute to listen to him while he is talking with his cute voice. I can see that he will be a good student at school in the future because he listened to what we teach him attentively. My sister who is his aunt is a teacher. Always teach him. We showed to her some pictures of animals and he can named it though not all. He is forgetful of what is the kind of animals we are pointing but he remembers the sounds of that kind of animals. Our cute little nephew is a smart one. I am proud and happy that I am at his side while he is continue growing. Including his two sisters.

Expectant Mother

Nothing compares the happiness of a woman when they are expecting a child. It is indeed a wonderful gift from up above. Not all has given this kind of gift from God that is why we have to be thankful for. Before if a woman is expecting an angel to see the beauty on earth it is understood that they are married woman. This little angel is a gift because this angel will complete the family, brings the smile and happiness in the family.

Nowadays where there are lots of unmarried woman who are expecting, some are too young to get pregnant. Because of this responsibilities, the man they choose to love leave them and not man enough to face their responsibilities. Some prefer to abort it but others are strong enough to face it alone. I salute to those single women who are courageous enough to continue the life that God has given to them. It is a blessing and we should accept it with all our hearts alone or with someone.

If you are an expectant mother, savor the moment and enjoy the journey towards motherhood. It is a privilege, therefore love it and be thankful.


To have a good set of teeth is one of my frustrations in life.  I was not able to take good care of it back when I was young.  I only I knew then that having a good set of teeth is good.  Free from toothache and to have a killer smile. Though I do not know what is killer smile really is. lol  
When my nieces and nephew came into the picture, I promised that they will have a good set of teeth.  I am babysitting them since the day that they were born.  I started brushing their teeth when they started to eat solid foods.  They are 8, 6 and 2 years old now.  No matter how much I wanted them to brush their teeth after meal, they are too lazy to do it.  My older niece who is 8 years old loves to eat candy and too lazy to brush her teeth.  Today, she told me that her tooth hurts.  I look at it immediately and I saw that her tooth are damaged.  I am so sad because I failed to take good care of their teeth.  If only her parents cared enough to teach her how to brush her teeth alone.  She was crying but we cannot help her.  The only thing that will stop the pain is to remove her tooth.  We are glad that classes will end soon, and that we can bring her to the dentist to have her tooth be removed.  She is a crying baby, so I wish her good luck.

Wherever I go I bring my camera with me. Just to get something that I can share to all the memes that I have joined. Was visiting an old neighbor who moved to other place. As she opened the door, this wonderful decoration greeted me. A flower with blue petals smiling to us. After seeing it, I took a picture of this decoration for me to share to you today.
Isn’t it nice to see a big smile as you enter inside the house? wink!
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Smiling Sally
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