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Holy Day of Obligation

Today is the feast of the Immaculate Conception. The Catholic church marks this day as one of the Holy Day of Obligation. The faithful are obliged to participate and attend the Holy Mass. According to teachings, this is the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mary was conceived naturally but God kept her soul is immaculate, meaning she is free from original sin. The feast celebrated in Catholic Church on December 8. Some churches has activity on this day, but this celebration is started with Holy Mass.

For the first time today, I attended the mass on the feast of the Immaculate Conception. I went with my sister and niece. Although, I have heard about this Holy Days of Obligation, I seldom attend/participate. I felt guilty because faithful are obliged but I did not do my part. I am glad today that I was able to attend the mass and offered flowers to Virgin Mary. Also witness procession at the church. It feels really good to participate. My first time is really nice and will surely participate the masses on the Holy Days of Obligation. I took some photos of us at the church this morning.

Looking for a location for the wedding reception

My cousin is getting married and their wedding day will be on September 21, 2018. I am so happy that finally, my cousin found her true love. They’re against all odds relationship will soon be blessed and legal. It is really true that if you fight for the one that makes you happy, you will win it. Unfortunately, my cousin did not get full support from her family. Some of her older sisters are angry and still did not agree with their relationship. This is the reason why my cousin is asking for my help in the preparation for her wedding. I am honored and glad that she trusted me that much to ask for my help. I did not promise anything but I will do my best to help her.

I will help her with the layout of her wedding invitation. I will make a simple but nice invitation card with the help of my older sister. Once done, we will start printing the wedding invitation. While waiting for the lists of the wedding entourage, we are looking for a nice and affordable place for her wedding reception. It is not an easy thing to do especially now that my cousin is five months on the way. I hope that we will find a nice place for her wedding reception not far from the church. Good luck to us and to me.

Corporate Gift Baskets For The Holidays

It is always fun to surprise your co-workers, clients or even your boss with a gift basket for the holidays. The baskets are full of items such as cookies, popcorn, cheese, tea, coffee and wine. If you are looking for holiday gift baskets for clients and co-workers, here are a few to consider for your recipients.

Whether you work at a pet spa or veterinary clinic, the Pawsome Friends Gift Basket is a great idea for your staff or favorite clients. The basket is full of treats such as tea, popcorn, nut mix and cookies. It also includes items for dog or cats, such as a cat toy or dog biscuits. The contents are arranged inside a paw print themed container.

There is nothing like a cup of coffee to start the work day, and your co-workers or clients are sure to appreciate the Simple Pleasures of Coffee Gift Basket. It includes a hand decorated cookie, gourmet popcorn, two coffee selections and a ceramic mug. Everything comes arranged inside a decorative box.

The Ritz Corporate Gourmet Gift Basket is full of gourmet snacks for your staff or clients. They are sure to enjoy snacking on their caviar, cheese spread, smoked salmon and bite size crackers. It also includes treats such as chocolate taffy, cookies and butter toffee pretzels. They can also find two bags of tea to wash down their snacks. The items come inside a brown container made of canvas with faux leather.

Show your co-workers or clients how much you appreciate them with this Corporate VIP Gift Basket. The snacks include cheese, smoked salmon, caviar, popcorn and crackers. If they have a sweet tooth, they are sure to enjoy the cookies, butter wafers and chocolate squares. Everything comes inside a reusable canvas and faux leather container.

You can also surprise them with the Corporate Executive Wine Themed Gift Basket. The black faux leather embossed container is full of gourmet snacks such as caviar, cheese spread and wine biscuits, and the treats include popcorn, cookies and toffee pretzels. It also includes a tasty wine glace for mixing their favorite beverage.

Every gift basket is designed at the time of your order to ensure the contents are always fresh. You can personalize their gift basket by including a hand written message. Your co-workers and clients are sure to enjoy their corporate gift baskets this holiday season.

Thanks for the invites

Last Saturday, May 28, 2016 was the Christening of my niece’s son. The family were invited to join the celebration. It was a great event because almost all the relatives are there celebrating with them. To me it was like a family reunion. I saw my aunts, uncle, cousins, nephews, nieces, close family friends, and many others. The event was lot of fun. It was an event to remember and treasure forever I must say. The celebration is at the private resort. And it is an overnight celebration. Everyone is happy especially the kids after seeing the pool.

It was like a summer outing of the family. The kids are having fun swimming at the pool. The really love to swim and be in the water. Too bad my two brothers and their family was not able to come for some reasons. We did have a good time talking, laughing, singing, eating, etc…with the relatives and some friends. The foods are great. Since I don’t drink I keep myself busy with the foods especially the sweets. Surely my past time will make me gain more weight but I do not care as long as I am happy and contended. Again, thanks for the invites. And thanks for the sumptuous foods on the table.

Watching him practicing how to write

 photo GEDC0123_zps60a0b814.jpgWe have taught the five years old nephew to write his name on the paper. We want him to be ready when he started to attend his class. He is officially enrolled in kindergarten this upcoming 2014-2015 school year. He knows how to count from 1 to 10 and already knows the alphabet. The problem is he can’t recognize the letter on his own. We are still teaching him to recognize numbers and letters. Right now, we are teaching him to write his name. I write his name on the paper and then he will copy it. He is having difficulty in handling the pencil but eventually he will get used to it.

He was very excited when my sister told him that he will start attending a class soon. He is enrolled in the school where his sisters are. He is very happy and said he will practice more writing his name. We told him that he should know how to write his name so that his teacher will be happy. I took some photo of him one morning while he is practicing on writing his name together with his three years old cousin. Aren’t they cute? I really hope that they will do well in school and will be a good student. Good luck to him.