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To bring with me while traveling

Last summer, the family went to the parent’s province for summer vacation. It was a long travel for us because we have to ride in the bus for more than seven hours and boarding in the ship for another seven hours. I like to travel especially riding in the ship, but riding in the bus for hours is not so good. I am having some problem in my neck because I am not so comfortable sitting on the bus for hours. Since I have plans to travel this year again, I want to find neck pillow specials to bring with me while traveling. It would be best to bring neck pillow to support my neck while riding in the bus for hours.

Anyways, do you like to travel? Do you bring with you a neck pillow too?

Long hours of travel

Because we missed him so much, the sister decided to visit our younger who lives far away from us. Since the sister does have two motorcycle, we decided to just use it to get to the place of our brother. I am not used to riding on the motorcycle because I am so scared for the possible accidents. I have lots of negatives thought when it comes to riding on the motorcycle. But for my brother’s sake, I took the courage to ride on the motorcycle. It was a long travel and very scary for me because we have encounter trucks, buses, and many other vehicles. Plus the road is so slippery because it was raining when we went there.

I was like holding my breath because I am so scared. The very long travel was so stressful for me because I am not relax while riding. However, it was well paid off because we get to see our younger brother. We stayed there for 3 hours before deciding to go back home. We did have our wonderful chit-chats. It’s been a while when the last time we talk. Seeing him last Sunday makes me smile and feel relieved because I can see in his face that he is happy with his life and his decisions. We just wish him good luck and good health always.

Ride on the boat

PhotobucketEver since I never tried to ride on the boat because I am afraid if the boat will turn upside down. I have so many negatives thoughts in my mind that I why I never tried even once when I was in my parent’s province. The one reason that makes me not to ride in the boat is that I do not know how to swim. I remember before, my uncle wanted me to ride in his boat and go with him fishing together with my cousins. But I did not try it because I am so scared to ride.

Just three days ago at the province of my sister’s husband, we went to their fishpond and looking at the fishes in there. But the problem is that I can only see the fishes if I ride in the boat. I am so scared and I said NO when my BIL invited me. But my eagerness to the fishes made me decide to ride in the boat with my sister. It was indeed a fun experienced if I am so tense and not relax. As you can see in the photo above that my sister capture while we are in the boat riding. One of the memorable moments of my life and I am so happy.

Three days vacation

Just this morning, my sister told me that I will go with them on their three days vacation in the province of her husband. I am so excited because I really need it to relax and unwind from the busy life I have in the house. I need to be away because of the stressful days I had with the kids. I like to be in the province because of the peace and quiet ambiance and the blow of the wind is so different in the city.

My excitement stopped because my father does not want me to go. As usual, his selfish reason stops me from doing what I want and what I like. My father seems to forget that I have a life of my own and also I am old enough to do the things that I like and make my own decisions. This is not the first time he said ‘NO’ every time I asked his permission. And this time, I will not let him stop me from doing what I want. If he will insists, I hope he will forgive me but I will go with my sister to have my short vacation. I will never stop to ask his permission, I hope he will say ‘YES’ after many attempts.

The Calm Water

PhotobucketThe weather is not so good when we went to travel going to Bohol, Philippines. I heard on the news about the low pressure area but still we pursue our plans to travel. While riding in the bus, I prayed that we will have a safe trip and the weather is good so that our ship trip is safe. While waiting at the ship to arrive the weather is cold and a bit windy. Makes me scary and thinks of bad things. I am so afraid because I do not know how to swim if ever problem I know it is so negative, but my faith to God is strong and that is all that matters.

After two hours of waiting at the pier, the official gave a signal that we can now dock in the ship. I am at peace when we are in the ship already because the wind calms down and the weather is no beautiful. We have to sail for five hours to reach our destination which is in Bohol. I am so happy because we do have a very safe trip and it was indeed an answered prayers. The water is so calm that we did not noticed we are about to dock in the pier in Bohol.

The photo is the evidence of our safe trip to Bohol. The dark shadow is the ship we are in. Thank you God for the safe trip and for guiding our trip.