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Fixing the motorcycle

While the brother is trying to fix the motorcycle of the sister, the kids are bugging him. Always asking him what he is doing, picking up the tools, roaming around and other things. The brother cannot concentrate from what he is doing that is why he called me and says, get the kids inside the house. I took the kids and locked the door. But the kids are crying and banging the door. It is really noisy and so I open the door and let them play outside. I went out also to watch them play. I was looking at the kids when I noticed that the brother is looking for something. He was looking for the cotter pins. I don’t know what it looks like so I did not bother to help him. haha! I went my attention back to the kids who are busy playing when I saw something on the nephew’s hand. I moved closer and get the thin in his hands. Maybe it is the one that the brother is looking for. I took it and gave it to the brother. I am right, the cotter pins that the brother is looking for is at the nephew’s hand.

Useful tool for winter season

During winter season, people are busy buying things that they needed for the said season. They shop winter outfits like jackets, boots, gloves, winter caps, pants and the likes. These are the things that are necessary for it gives a very warm feeling. However, we should not focus on the fashion side to buy in this winter season because there are things that are very useful to have during this season like snowboard rack. This is a must have tool in the winter season. This is to secure and make your snowboard and other equipments in order.


Helpful tools for construction job

My brother is a construction worker. He has been doing it for years already and has several tools for construction. Just recently he was hired to construct a house and have lots of cutting woods and metals to be done. He is having some hard time in cutting because his tools are not in good condition because he has been using it for years already. The brother is looking for more cutting tools to be used for his job. Having more tools is very helpful to make his job easy and fast and of course to have clean and better results after cutting the woods and metals.

Education as a Tool…

One of the responsibility as a parent is to send their children to school.  A very important thing a parent should do so that their children will have a better future.  Education is very important to each and everyone of us.  This is the only thing that no one can take it away from us.  One thing that we can be proud of because not everyone is give  the chance to go to school.  Others do not value this things because they did not put in their hearts the importance of having a good and complete educational background. 

Education is a big tool to bring us to a place where we want to be and be a successful human beings.  After all the hardships and struggle to finish school, we will be rewarded with good knowledge.  A knowledge that will be our weapon in a journey of life.  A new chapter in our life where we can make our goals, dreams, and ambitions in life come into reality.  With complete education, we are fully equipped with things that will us to a life of our dreams.  Slowly making our plans and will have the will to make it come true.  No matter what happened it will remain in us forever.  We can bring it anywhere we go and be proud to have it for we work hard to achieve it . And we owe it to our parents for their undying support and love for us.