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Fruits every meal time

Even though I have heard that eating fruits every meal time is good because it is rich in fiber for better metabolism. Fiber is good in our body to dispose the possible fats that will restore and already restored in our body. I am not into fruits that much, maybe because I was not orient well to eat fruits every meal time back then. Well, I am told by my late mother before that fruits are good in our body that is why she planted fruit trees in our backyard. Sad to say, we did not able to taste the fruits from the trees that my mother planted because we moved to the city and father sold our property.

Because of the benefits that our body can get from eating fruits, I have to love eating fruits now. It is mainly for health purposes and for the healthy lifestyle. Fruits today are a bit expensive but worth it to buy because of the benefits that we can get from eating it. It is healthier than buying fatty foods. From now on I have to love eating fruits and make it a habit to eat fruits right after every meal time. You too can make it a habit to have a healthy living lifestyle. Let’s all be healthy, eat lots of fruits now!

Accepts the job through recommendation

As much as possible my older brother does not want to do a construction job. It is because of his condition. He was advised by his doctor not to get too tired. However, he do accepts light construction job like welding and electrical wiring. Right now, he was hired to do the window grills of a boarding house. He was recommended by a friend, so he accepts the job since it will only last for three weeks. Every time he arrives home from work, I always rummage his bag to get the lunch box and dirty clothes. One day, while I was rummaging his bag, I saw some clevis pins in one of the pockets. Even though I do not have any idea how to use it, still I took some and put it in the box. Maybe time will come that I will need this clevis pins.

In life, we may face several trials and difficulties. It is part of life and part of living, though we sometimes questioned God why it is happening to us. And we sometimes us Him, why me? I admit I do asked God why sometimes. But even though we are questioning and complaining sometimes, still we are doing our very best to find solutions and ways to overcome the trials we are facing. We may fail sometimes and it makes us wants to quit, but because we want to continue to live we are able to bounce back and move on. We choose to continue the journey in life. Besides life is not only a bunch of joy, there are also trials and difficulties for us to appreciate more the beauty of living.

Though we are experiencing hardships in life, we have to keep in mind that God will never ever leave us. He is always watching us and looking unto us on how we are going to bounce back from falling. We just have to keep the faith in Him for He won’t give trials that we cannot bear. In a way, it is like testing us on how we like to live and how we like to continue the journey of living. Because at the end of the day, it is not about how many times we fall down, but it is how we are able to bounce back. So, keep moving, continue the journey, because life is beautiful. Thanks God for the gift of life.

Giving away my sling bag

I always believe in the saying “it is better to give than to receive”. Not all of us are fortunate enough to have the things that we want. Just like me, I do have list of the things that I am dying to have, however, considering my situation I guess I have to admit that those stuffs are just a dream to me. Too good to be true, but I am open to possibility that I will be able to have some of those in my list. I must admit I am envious when I saw someone having the things that I like. How fortunate they are to have the things they like and want. Getting envy is normal I guess, but I am trying my best to not to.

Anyways, few days ago the family and I went to my aunt’s place. We were attending the nine days novena for my late cousin. After the novena, I am having conversation with my other cousins when one cousin got interested in my sling bag. She asked me if I could give it to her. I did not respond at first because I do not have extra sling bag. I have just given away my other sling bag few months ago. However, thinking about giving is a joy in once heart so I talked to the family especially to my sister about it. The sister decided to just give it away. I did give my last sling bag to my cousin that day. It makes me happy seeing her smile after accepting the sling bag. Indeed, the feeling is great to give and bring happiness to other/s.

The way of the cross

The catholic believers are commemorating the passion of the Christ this Holy Week.  It started with the Palm Sunday and ends on the Easter Sunday.  There are lots of activities in the church like recollection, confession, seminars and many others.  One activity that I do not want to miss is the way of the cross that happens on Good Friday.  It is my way of penance of the sins I have committed.  In our village, the way of the cross started at 4 o’clock in the morning and finished at 9 o’clock in the morning.  It is a long walk I must say because it is worth it.

Few days ago I attended again the way of the cross. I woke up early in the morning and went to the venue with my brothers and father, minus the sister.  I captured some photos while in the middle of the procession to share it here.  I am glad that the distance of the procession is not far compared to the previous years.  It was not a long walk because it lasted for four hours, before the procession lasted for six hours.

To the catholic believers, how do you commemorate the Holy Week?  Did you ever attended the way of the cross?