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My new pet

It has been three years since I lost my first ever pet.  I named my first dog Jasper.  He was a very lovely dog but for some reason, I have to decide what is best for him.  It was a very difficult decision to make because Jasper is part of the family.  He is with the family for eight years.  After losing Jasper, I never thought of getting another pet because I do not want to experience the same problem and force to make a very difficult decision.  A friend asked me If I want a poodle two years ago but I said no.

Two months ago, the same friend asked me if I want a dog.  And I said yes!  I want a new dog to pet in the house.  Having pet is a good stress reliever.  Two weeks ago, she gave to me the dog that she promised.  I named him Almond.  Almond because his mother is Hershey.  They are family of chocolates.LOL  My Almond is mixed breed of Dutchan and Japanese Pitch.  Very cute puppy and playful.  I hope that this puppy will stay longer with us and no serious problem that will make me decide to giving him up like what I did to Jasper.

Always be ready at all times

We will never know what will happen next until it happens right in front of us.  That is why in our day-to-day living, we should be ready always and be alert.  We do not want bad things to happen to us and to anyone, however, accidents do happen no matter how careful we are.  We have seen kinds of accidents/incidents in the water, air, land, and the likes.  Extra careful is really needed.  Every time I heard tragic accidents, I will always remembered my college professor told us that, “live your day as if it is your last”.  It is really scary, but I try not to because I have faith in God for only Him knows what is in store for us in the future.

Just this week, another water incidents somewhere in Visayas.  The boat carrying hundreds of passengers including the crew sunk.  It is so sudden and I felt really sad for the family of the victims.  The reach and rescue are still ongoing and they have recovered bodies of the passengers.  Families are crying and mourning.  And it really breaks my heart.  I hope and pray that sooner they will be able to recover for their lost and to the survivor to be thankful for the another chance of life given by God.  Rest in peace to the victims.

Fulfilling our childhood dreams

Back when my older and I are younger, we always joined the Flores De Mayo  (Flower of May) class at the chapel.  This Flores de Mayo classes happens in the month of May of course and will end on the last day of the month.  On the last day of the month, there is a small program/activity in the chapel.  There is Santacruzan, a procession in the village of queens and princesses and the star of the procession is Reyna Elena.  It was our dreams to wear gowns and be one of the princesses.  But unfortunately, it didn’t happen.  We are sad because we wanted to feel like a queen/princess once in our life.

Our time has passed, and there is no way we can make that dreams come true.  However, in our behalf the two nieces will be fulfilling that dreams for us.  They attended Flores de Mayo for three years now, and this year they are one of the princesses.  The girls are excited and we are so happy because this is a dream come true.  We are looking for a nice gown for them so the girls will shine and look very pretty.  Surely, this experience will be added to their childhood memories book.

Thanks for lending me your sewing machine

I have mentioned in my earlier post that I have made the kids costumes for their book parade at school. I was an instant dressmaker I must say because we do not have budget to pay the real dressmaker. It is my first time to sew a dress and I am pressured and scared. Pressured because I only have three days to finish their costumes and scared that I might ruin the fabrics. My interest in making dresses started when I was younger and seeing my late mother sewed dress for me and my sister. I took a little skill from my mother so to speak. So before starting sewing, I prayed for my mother’s guidance.

Sewing the kids costumes won’t be possible without the generosity of my neighbor. She let me borrowed her sewing machine for days without payment. I am so thankful for her because the costumes made possible because of her. Also thank her for she trusts me even if I do not have any experience in operating her sewing machine. It was really hard to run the manual sewing machine but it is fun. It is an adventure and another challenge for me. I am glad I am able to finish the costumes early without any mistakes. Thanks again for lending me your sewing machine. Till next time. God bless you more!

Fruits every meal time

Even though I have heard that eating fruits every meal time is good because it is rich in fiber for better metabolism. Fiber is good in our body to dispose the possible fats that will restore and already restored in our body.  I am not into fruits that much, maybe because I was not orient well to eat fruits every meal time back then.  Well, I am told by my late mother before that fruits are good in our body that is why she planted fruit trees in our backyard.  Sad to say, we did not able to taste the fruits from the trees that my mother planted because we moved to the city and father sold our property.

Because of the benefits that our body can get from eating fruits, I have to love eating fruits now.  It is mainly for health purposes and for the healthy lifestyle.  Fruits today are a bit expensive but worth it to buy because of the benefits that we can get from eating it.  It is healthier than buying fatty foods.  From now on I have to love eating fruits and make it a habit to eat fruits right after every meal time.  You too can make it a habit to have a healthy living lifestyle. Let’s all be healthy, eat lots of fruits now!