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Found my new inspiration

To meet someone whom will make me feel I am important and cared is what I am praying for. Someone who will give some more colors in my life except my family. It has been a while since the last time when I cried when someone got the nerved to hurt me. arghs! Well, it is part of life. I have accepted it, let it go and moving on because life must go on. One of the saddest experienced I had in my life. But I am able to bounced back through the help of my family and some friends. Angry, frustrated, depressed, and sad. These are the emotions I had when someone said goodbye to me. It is normal I guess, and I have expected it to happen because nothing is really permanent in this world unless that person is really committed and true to what he/she said and promised.

Anyways, past is past. What is important is the present and the future. I have learned from my past. I have been there, done that and etc. I am so glad now that I have found my new inspiration. Makes me feel important, loved and cared. I know we have just started and I am enjoying the happiness he brings. I know that anything will happen, and I am ready for the possibility that he will bid goodbye. However, I am praying he won’t. Only God knows what is in store for us. I just cherish the moment while it is here and hopefully this will leads to forever. May God bless us.

Sweets for your sweetheart

As Valentines day is fast approaching, many are thinking of a wonderful present to their love ones. It is the one perfect day where we can show the love for them. Mostly, lovers and couples spend an awesome dinner date at their favorite restaurant. It is not a surprise to everyone because dinner date is given. However, you can make the dinner date a sumptuous one by giving yummy sweets for your sweetheart. Since shopping online is the trend nowadays, you can get an awesome treats online for someone with a sweet tooth. For sure the dinner date with your love one is memorable one for your sweetheart would surely love the sweets you are offering.


Too much love will kill you

The title sounds familiar right? Yes, it is so familiar because this is a title of the famous song. I used this as a title of my post tonight because of the news I have seen on television few days ago and today. The news I saw was about what love can do to someone who is angry and desperate. I can’t believe that a person can kill someone they love so much. Jealousy indeed will make a person do things they wished shouldn’t do. I can say that they have regrets but it is useless because they cannot get back the life they taken.

It is very true that true love will kill you because others do lose their mind because of jealousy. Many say that being jealous is not bad because it only means that the person loves you dearly. But is it still considered love to kill someone? Love is the greatest gift from God to all of us. He died because of love to us. I do not seemed to understand why people can kill someone they love. Act of selfishness I must say, and it is so sad. I wish people will reflect first before doing things that they would regret in the end. Because the true essence of love is to sacrifice and to set them free to find their happiness not to choke them from the relationship which will never work out.

Seven Years and Counting


These are my friends in their seven years of being in a relationship. I admire their love story that makes me write this. Their love is a concrete example of patience, faith, understanding and of course the kind of love they have for each other. In fact I a bugging them on when will I be hearing their wedding bells. They just laughed at me. And I am wondering because I am not joking when I said it. Oh well, jokingly said but touch of reality I must say.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment and thinking a million times is needed because it is not the kind of thing that we cannot return nor we cannot walk away if we do not like it anymore. Thinking about it makes me understand why this couple is not married yet. Maybe they want to make sure and plan everything before entering into another stage of their life. On the seven years of being in a relationship and counting, I pray and wish them the best of luck.