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Lost the Game

The Philippine football team ‘AZKALS’ lost the game today. They are defeated by team Kuwait for the second time around. It is very sad news to Filipino people who are expecting them to win since they have home court advantage. I, myself is expecting them to win today. Too bad the team did not able to snatch the game. They lost the game and the country is sad. Still the support is there since the team has just started their football career. Long way to go for them and sooner the team will make it to the top.

The team’s quest to FIFA world cup has ended today after losing the game. The Filipino people’s dream to watch the team playing at FIFA world cup is now gone. It is sad but this is part of the game. There is only one winner and that one is the lucky one. The door might close for team ‘AZKALS’ this year but their dream will not. The team will practice more and give their best to make it to the top.

Losing is not the end of every dream I must say because every loss is a stairway to dream big and aim high.