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Lazy Rainy Friday….

This our city is celebrating the Kadayawan Festival.  It is the festival for good and bountiful harvest throughout the year.  The celebration lasted for a week, and today is the beginning of the big celebration where lots of mall shows and and other happenings. People where having fun with their family at the park.  We also call it the festival of all festivals because all tribes are gathered together and having fun.  Sharing their different bountiful harvest.

My sister is planning to treat us to mall today.  Having fun with the kids, our nephew and nieces.  She always pamper us every time she got extra money.  This morning the kids wakes up very excited for the treat.  They always asked what time we are going to go to mall. But the weather is not cooperating.  Its rainy friday today, and if it is raining we me and my sister are going lazy.hahaha Weather is not that good today and the treat might be postpone and this is not a good news to them.  Hopefully the sun comes out before the sunset.  And the rain stops this afternoon.  Wishing this rainy friday will be gone and comes out the sunny friday.