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His tools inside his tool box

The brother is a construction worker and a welder for years now. Within those years he has lots of tools in his tool box. From time to time he keeps on checking it to make sure all are intact because some of his friends borrowed his tools. That is why he is checking it to make sure borrowed ones are already returned. As a construction worker and welding, to have a complete tools like hammer, flyer tools, screw driver, wood saw, c clamps, hacksaw and many more. These are his investments from doing the job. He started with only hammer and wood saw few years ago. Now, he has lots of tools for he bought one tool every payday. I can tell that the tools inside his tool box are his valuable things.

For the mean time, the brother stops his job because he got sick. He is not allowed to do hard work according to his doctor. He is sad because he missed doing his job. He is just contented by just looking at it for now. Soon, when he is fully recovered he will be doing the job again and will be using his tools again.

The sweeper at the park

PhotobucketOne of the noble job that I do admire is the street sweeper. To some this is a low profile job, but if we have to think about it, this job is a job that we should be proud of. Well, every job that done in a decent way is a good reason to be proud of. I am amaze by this kind of job because the fact that they get low minimum salary, this job is not easy for sweep not only facing the dust on the street, the garbage that they have to sweep coming from the people who just throw their garbage anywhere but also the heat of the sun.

Being a street sweeper is never easy. But sweeper does not mind the hardships that they have to take just to bring money for their family. The photo I shared it here is a photo of a street sweeper that I took at the park. The lady is passionately sweeping the big area of the park. Their job and their hands are the reason why the park is clean as well at the street. As a citizen of this country, we should be thankful to street sweeper for they have done a big favor for us. They are cleaning the mess that we just throw on the street. I do hope that we should be responsible and sensitive enough to throw our garbage at the right place. And where is that place is? I know you know where and what it is. Do help the street sweepers by throwing our garbage at the right places.

The DJ’s Bestfriend

Just a glimpse of my college days, I love to visit radio stations with my friends and sometimes my sister. There is a radio station near the school that is why when we have vacant time and no class, we will go there listening to music and requesting our favorite songs. That is one of the best memories I have during my college days. Well, I am sharing this because it brings back after seeing this Vestax Typhoon. I can tell that this sounds system is one of the DJ’s best friend. It is so reminded me of my favorite DJ back then. The DJ is one of the reason we keep coming back to the radio station. What? He just so good-looking. Part of my college memories.


Just last month, the brother was rushed to the hospital because he cannot breath. We brought him to the nearest hospital because my brother’s case was emergency. We stayed there for four days for some laboratories and x-rays to make sure his condition in fine. The hospital’s services was fine and some of their devices are good however, what I have noticed is the workloads of the nurses and other workers there. There are times I saw them carrying lots of medicines and other stuffs going to the patient’s room.

In my four days of being there attending my brother, I have noticed that even the hospitals has new devices already they seemed to be lacking of some. I saw some of their things in the nurse station is not properly arranged. It would be best if the hospital have medication carts to use by their healthcare professionals. Their workloads will be lessened and less tired because these gadget is very much helpful to them. Their things will be well place and they can attend the patient’s very well using this nice devices. Using this devices would make the workloads of the healthcare professional easy and better.

To be a license teacher is one of her goals in life after finishing her educational degree. She is a single mother and all her dreams are dedicated to her one and only son. To give her son a decent and good life in the future is one of her priorities in life. I have seen her struggles a lot and I am so proud of her because she is able to surpass all the trials and challenges of being a single parent. She has been very busy reviewing all her lessons in preparation for the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).

After months of waiting and preparing herself, she is now ready for the examination. And today is the day all aspiring teachers are waiting for. I can sense the mixed emotions of my friend and I understand her because my sister has the same emotions back when she was about to take the examination for teachers. I pray and wish her all the best of luck to those who take the examination.

This LET is very important to those aspiring to be a licensed teacher, so that they can practice their teaching skills and can share their knowledge to young ones. It is an advantage if they pass the examination for they can get a job easily. Good to the examinees and I pray you will pass the examination especially to my friend. You can do it Ading..go go go!