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Me, the wedding planner

Yes, you read it right. My new profession now is a wedding planner, for my older brother’s wedding.haha! I so loved my new profession and I am so excited to plan for the older brother’s wedding this July. My brother called me and asked if I could help him in the preparation of his wedding. My older sister will process their documents since the brother is busy and live far from us and I will do the listing on the things to buy, to do and need for their big day. I started to do the listing on the things needed for their wedding. I also put the tentative amount of each. When I am done I will show is to my brother for him to approve or disapproved.

The brother wants a simple wedding. If possible he do not want to spend more because his wife is two months pregnant. He needs to save for the coming of their first born. It would be a difficult job for me as their wedding planner (giggles) because I need to do find a store/shop that offers less. However, this would be a challenging job for me. Thank to my brother for this job because I learned from it and I gather lots of information regarding the wedding preparation. I so loved this temporary job of mine. Good luck to me and I hope I will served and satisfy my new client as wedding planner. LOL!

The partner in cleaning your trombone

Among the musical instrument that I have seen, I guess the trombone is the most difficult to clean especially the slide. There are various of cream and oil products in the market today to choose from like the yamaha slide oil that you can use in cleaning your trombone. I have read reviews and feedback about this products saying it works really well. This is the perfect partner in cleaning your trombone. Cleaning your trombone made easy using this oil.

The job waiting for you

Finding a job today is not easy that is why there unemployed people are increasing each year. So sad but it is true. But despite of the difficulties in finding a job, I know that there is a job out there that is really meant for us. We just have to keep moving on and continue looking for a job. Giving up won’t give us any good, so let us continue and extend more patience, sooner or later we will get the job that suits for us. So, if you are in search of a job, there is a job that is waiting for you to grab. Just send sweetbay application and other necessary papers needed to get the job. Opportunity knocks only once, s try your luck by submitting your papers. Who knows this is the job that you are looking for. Do not let this opportunity passed by.

Awesome nursing clothes designs

Before the most common nursing uniforms that I have seen are plain white, blue, green and pink. It is so simple but still it is good to look at especially the white one. I like the plain white nursing uniforms because it is so neat to look at. This is the reason I dreamed to study nursing back then. However, I am not fortunate enough to pursue that dream. Anyways, I have noticed that the fashion influenced the field of medicine because there are awesome nursing clothes worn by nurses. It is so cute to look at compared to the plain uniforms before. I am not saying that the old uniforms are boring, but the new the one is more lively and comfortable to wear because it is more fashionable. Makes me want to study nursing course. haha! It is never too late but I guess it would be best to stay it as a dream for me.

She is now a license teacher

Months ago, a friend of mine is so depressed because she did not able to pass the examination to become a license teacher. She has a tone of disappointed and wanted to give up her dreams. As a friend, I always gives the positive side of every thing, how lucky she is and not to give up. I also told her that giving up means failure. In life there are things that is not so easy to have and get. Our patience and determination are test because we are going to meet several trials and difficulties along the way. Sometimes it discourage us to continue moving, but if we look at it, failures do make us a better and wiser person.

After second try, the friend did passed the examination. She is now a license teacher. I am so happy, and proud of her because of the courage, hard work and prayers are answered after seeing the positive result of the examination for teacher. Indeed quitter never wins and the friend of mine proved that. The result came out few days before her birthday. It is a wonderful gift that God has given to her on her birthday. Double celebration so to speak.