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It took me some time to find the nice razor

Every time my father needs to buy something, I am the one who buy it for him like t-shirt, pants, shorts, undergarments, soap, and the likes. I must say I know what my father sizes, likes, and he wants. I am like his personal secretary. One incident that I cannot forget was when I bought razor for him. It took me some time to find a good one and he doesn’t like it. Said, that the one I bought is not a good quality. If I have known the edwin jagger razors back then, I would have buy a good quality of razor. Well, it was my first time so it is fine. But the next time I will buy razor for my father, I know now what to buy. The kind that my father would surely like.

More than Just Albums Can Go Platinum

by Maria Hammel

The use of platinum in jewelry has become quite popular over the years. It has also become quite expensive. There are ways, though, to achieve the platinum look without incurring the platinum price. I have a few ideas for those who want to try their hand at making their own jewelry.

If you have some scrap platinum at your disposal, first consider yourself lucky. As I said in the beginning, this is an expensive material to use for jewelry. Having the ability to use platinum to make custom jewelry is something most jewelry makers love!

The first really easy idea for making something from your scraps of platinum is to use metal cutters to cut postage size or larger pieces of the metal. Once you have the pieces cut to your preferred size, you can bang them with a hammer. This will give them a dented, wavy look. You can stop there, and have a perfectly gorgeous, perfectly original piece of jewelry that you can attach to your favorite chain (once you punch a hole in it, of course). Or you can glue a pin to the back of it and wear it on your collar or favorite jacket. There is glue specifically designed for making jewelry with metal.

To spice up the plain platinum look, you can do so many things. One idea is to use thin platinum wire to wrap around the postage size piece of platinum. To add a little pop of color, you can use copper instead of additional platinum as the wrap. Dress up the piece even more by adding small beads to the wire you used to wrap your piece of platinum. You can make anything from an art deco piece of jewelry, to something that is very plain and simple to go with your casual outfits.

You don’t need to stop at necklaces or pins to use your spare materials. You can cut small pieces, glue beads to them, and make dangling earrings. You also can cut thin strips of the platinum and use small pliers to shape them into ear cuffs that serve as funky earrings. This is a great way to be able to wear earrings if you don’t have pieced ears. It sure beats having your ears pinched all day by clip earrings!

On a very practical note, platinum is a great metal to use if you have allergies, or if someone for whom you are making the jewelry has allergies. This metal tends to cause the least amount of allergic reaction. This is a great option for those of us who, as we get older, develop sensitivities to metals or other materials used in jewelry making.

So don’t throw away any of your pieces of scrap platinum. Put them to good use by making original, economical jewelry that you can wear, or give as gifts. You might also want to pair up with a friend and share your platinum and other materials to help you create a wider selection of jewelry! Have fun going platinum!

The cheap dish-washing liquid

In the village there are lots of vendors that will sell door to door.  Sometimes they offers a very low prices of basic commodities likes soaps, process foods, kitchen utensils and containers that is needed in the laundry area.  I used to buy goods from these vendors before because of the low prices compared to goods in the supermarket.  Although I am aware of those imitation goods, still I bought to spare me from the hazards in going to the city. Smiley

Just recently, there is a vendor who are selling dish-washing liquid in the village.  I am tempted to buy because it is very cheap.  Imagine, I get three bottles of dish-washing liquid for $2 only.  I am thinking if I will go the supermarket, I can only get one because  I have to commute going to the city.  It is also perfect because we are running out of dish-washing liquid, so I buy right away without hesitations.  I used the liquid the night after I bought it.  When I squirting the bottle and squeezes the sponge, the bubbles are so little.  I have to put more liquid to the sponge to have more bubbles.  I am so sad about it and angry for I cannot bring it back. Smiley I learned my lessons and I promised not to buy goods from the vendors that is knocking on our doorstep.  I will not let my lazy conscience strike me not to go to the supermarket.  I realized that it would be best to go to the supermarket because it is 100% sure that we are buying the best goods and products.  And always think before you buy. Smiley