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Thank you neighbor

The feeling is really great when you received a surprise present from your neighbor. One morning, the neighbor dropped by and give to the father the fruit of his Lanzones (Lansium Domesticum) tree. The thoughtful nneighbor who happens to be my father’s name gives us one plastic of his lanzones fruit. It is fresh from the tree and it is so sweet. Every time we passes by at their house, we do wish to get to taste the fruit one day. The wish was granted when the neighbor handed one plastic of lanzones to father.

Thank you neighbor for giving us Lanzones fruit. Your timing is perfect because I am craving for this fruit for days now. And I am planning to buy at the market. Since you already give us Lanzones, I will save the mony then. Till the next harvest, right? haha! It is really good to become friends with our neighbor because they are the closest person to contact when we needed help aside from our relatives.

Anyways, have yo ever received an unexpected present from your neighbor? What is it and how do you feel after receiving it?

Unique gift for men

When in comes to giving gifts, I can tell that the most difficult to please are men. I am speaking from my experienced because my father and brothers are a bit picky. I have given them presents in the past and all I can say is they are very difficult to please. Though they have accepted my present but with side comments which I do not like. They would say, I wish you bought this one instead of this one. arghs! Can’t you be nice and say thank you instead first before the comments? Hearing their side comments made me realized that before giving them present, it would be best to ask their likes and favorites.

Anyways, are you having some difficult times when it comes to giving presents to your man? Then, worry no more because it can be solved by knowing their likes, preference and favorites. I have tried and it is effective now. If such as your man loves sports try this soccer gifts. I am pretty sure that they would love to have this kind of gives because it can be added to their collections if they have any. You will definitely receives a big smile and thank you from them. This is a unique gift that they would surely love.

Four more months

Oh yeah! Four more months and we will be celebrating Christmas and embracing the New year. Aren’t you excited yet? Well, me I am! I am so excited to these two special holidays because the world are celebrating. This is the seasons of giving and sharing the love and care to each other. That is why we do our best to give something to our love ones, relatives, friends and neighbors. Giving and sharing the blessings that we have received all throughout the year is shown in this season of giving. That is why as early as today, others do shop for presents that they could give on holiday season. And if you were thinking of giving a unique and personalized presents, go for photo holiday greeting cards. You can put your family picture with nice greetings on it. Or make a design that would fit to the one receiving the card. Isn’t it awesome? I am pretty sure that the one who receives this holiday cards greeting would be very happy and smiling.

A Simple Gift from their Mommy….

 She has been married for five months now, but living on the same village we live.  So almost everyday she would come to visit us and we do a little chit chat.  This afternoon,  she visit us and bring something for my little nieces.  They are at the neighbors house playing so they were not able to see their presents.  As we have waited for them to go home we do a little chit chat. 

When they finally got home, they are very happy to see their mommy (a.k.a aunt).  Even though they always go to her house, seems like they missed my sister a lot.  And the first thing they said after got home, ‘do you have something for us?’.  Very cute little girls always asking for presents to their mommy.  Then my sister gave to them their presents, five pieces of underwear (each of them), pencil, ruler and pencil case.  They are very happy and said, ‘thank you mommy’.  I must say they are spoiled by my sister.   That is why when she visits always asked for presents.  Since their underwear are on the same color, I embroidered the initial of their names.  I can see it in their eyes how happy they are to see their presents.   They both said they will tell their parents after got home from work.  To them simple little things are big already and they will take good care of it for it is their property.