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Thanks for the presents

I meet this woman online when I started my blogging career.  We both are the member of a particular group on Facebook.  Never would I imagine that our friendship will grow like this because we have not seen each other yet personally.  But as they say, same feather flocks together, that is why our friendship lasted longer than I expected.  We communicate through social media.  We call each other sis,(short for sister).  I call her sis J, she is from the Philippines but now living in the US because she married a man from New York.  That’s where our friendship started.

The last time she had her vacation in the Philippines, she gave me stuffed toys and chocolates.  She is indeed a very thoughtful friend.  A friend that you will surely treasure.  I am so happy to meet someone like her.  This year, she came back again for Christmas vacation.  And got the unexpected present from her.  I am surprised and happy knowing that she thought of giving me those wonderful presents.  Along with this post is the image of the presents she gave me, minus the chocolates because my nephews and nieces are too fast eating it.  The kids are so happy as well.   Thank you so much, sis J for the presents.  May God bless you and your family more.   God bless your trip back to the US.

Thanks for the early gifts sister

 photo ccef2079-6c5f-4ebc-9d3c-11792607fb0b_zps8216a940.jpgI have receives gifts and presents from my sister almost every day. I can say that I am one lucky person to have a sister like her. Every time I asked something from her, she will do her best to grant it. Even though she has her own family, still she is willing to help me and the family. If I have to count all the things that my sister did for us, I can tell I have receives more than enough. One million thank you is not enough for all the goodness that she is done for us.

A week ago, the sister asked me if I could go with her at the mall. She wants to buy stuffs for her family and for her son’s clothes for the school Christmas party. The sister preferred to shop early to avoid crowded malls and department stores. While picking clothes for her sons, husband, and for herself, the sister told me to pick shirts and pants for myself. She said, it would be her Christmas gift for me. I am so happy because I did not expect that my sister will give me another gift. Of course I pick the one that I like since my sister told me not to mind the prices. I got the nicest gifts this year from my sister. Thanks very much sister for these wonderful Christmas gifts.

Thanks for the present

 photo GEDC1211_zps1cd7f3ca.jpgI have seen her on a friend’s wedding, but we aren’t introduce to each other formally.  I just knew a little about her because she does blogging like me and my friend.  One day, she added me to be friends on facebook.  I gladly accept it because she seems like a nice person.  I am so right because she is really a good person.   We started chatting when she needs help on her blogs.  Since I know a little about it, I tried my very best to help her.  Unfortunately I did not able to help her because my knowledge about blog hosting is limited.  That’s when the time our friendship starts.

This year, she and her family are in the country.  They are on vacation.  I am happy that I get to meet her in person few weeks ago, even happier because she gave me a presents and I so liked.  I did not expect that she will give some time to buy something for me.  Indeed she is a nice person.  It is a blessing to find a friend like her.  Thanks for the presents and the friendship Claire.  I hope and pray that our friendship will last longer and stronger.   It was nice meeting you and thanks for the treat as well.

Straight from Korea

One thing that I am so thankful for since I started blogging is that I am able to meet people from other side of the world.  Although we have not seen each other for real, they have become my friends.  I can say that aside from earning doing blogging, I have gained lots of friends that makes my blogging career so meaningful and enjoyable.  I have receives few gifts from my blogging friends.  I felt important because they spent money just to send the present for me.  I am always thankful for the friendship and for accepting me as one of their friends.

 photo GEDC0970_zps8e11c9e0.jpg

Just recently, the presents from my blogging friend in Korea arrived.  I am so happy because I really did not expect that she would give me a presents.  Inside the envelop are the postcards from Korea and India, and also key chains from Korea.  See the image that I have shared here.  I am so thankful to Ryanne Calwill for the wonderful presents.  Looking at the postcards makes me feel like I visit Korea and India and see their beautiful spots.  I know this is a bit late post Ryanne, but please know that I treasure it and will keep it.  I do hope that one day we will be able to meet for real.  May God bless you always! Thanks again!

Thank you neighbor

The feeling is really great when you received a surprise present from your neighbor.  One morning, the neighbor dropped by and give to the father the fruit of his Lanzones (Lansium Domesticum) tree.  The thoughtful nneighbor who happens to be my father’s name gives us one plastic of his lanzones fruit.  It is fresh from the tree and it is so sweet.  Every time we passes by at their house, we do wish to get to taste the fruit one day.  The wish was granted when the neighbor handed one plastic of lanzones to father.

Thank you neighbor for giving us Lanzones fruit.  Your timing is perfect because I am craving for this fruit  for days now.  And I am planning to buy at the market.  Since you already give us Lanzones, I will save the mony then. Till the next harvest, right? haha!  It is really good to become friends with our neighbor because they are the closest person to contact when we needed help aside from our relatives.

Anyways, have yo ever received an unexpected present from your neighbor?  What is it and how do you feel after receiving it?