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Relaxing at the beach

I went to church alone this morning because I woke up alone and did not able join the family in the 6:00 AM mass. The family decided to attend mass early because of our different appointments. My brother and his family will be going to beach for the small gathering of their company. The father will be attending an event in the church and my other brother will going to visit a friend. I am left alone that is why I decided to go at my sister’s place to hang out.

After arriving at my sister’s place, she told me that they are going to beach too. They want to unwind because of the very hot weather today. It is so lonely to be alone that is why I decided to go with them. It is the best place to unwind and relax indeed. I did have a good time roaming around the beach and eating. It is good to be away from the computer once in a while. I seldom go out because I preferred to stay at home during Sunday to have some time to rest after a week of taking care of the kids. I did have a wonderful day of rest today and went to the nice place where I could relax.