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Cancelled Date

The last time we saw each other was two months ago when she gave birth to her first baby. She has been the hands on mother for two months already. We just exchanging messages online since time won’t let us see each other. She is busy and so am I. I was surprised last night after see message me saying can we meet at the mall today. I immediately said yes to her because I missed seeing my best friend and also wanted to see her baby. All is set and agreed us by where, when and what time we going to meet. We call it a date.

I woke up with the smile on my face because I am so excited to see her and the baby. My excitement mood was change after hearing that my nephew has fever.arghs! I won’t be able to come and meet my friend with the condition of my nephew. I went online to message my friend that I have to cancel the date. Good thing is that she also online and waiting for me to come online. I was about to tell her when she message me first that she can’t go because her in-laws are visiting her and the baby. I said, thanks God after reading her message. Indeed expect the unexpected. We both cancelled our date and promised to set it some other time.

Giving away old clothes

Because of the flash floods that washed out the houses and other properties of some residents here in the city, people are encourage to give relief goods, used clothes, money and other things that the victims can used in their day to day living. The calamity shocked the whole city because it was the first time that the city is experiencing this kind of calamity.

To help someone is what my sister loved to do in her own little way. And the victims of flash floods are really needed help that’s why my sister is giving away her old clothes to give it to them. Encourage me also to give some of my old clothes and also my sister-in-law. It is really a good feeling to be able to help others. To see them smiling after receiving what you give to them. Although it is not the best clothes that we gave because we are not rich, but the thought of giving is all that matters because it is the thought that counts. God bless to all the victims.

It’s Over!

The painful part in the relationship is when the other party says it’s over. It is never easy because of the emotions and the feelings that the couple are sharing will go nowhere. With all the hopes and the long waiting the other party says bye. When the couple has lost their communication, the relationship will definitely fall down.

She’s been hurt many times but still hoping that one day they will end up to be together forever. Giving up is not on her vocabulary because she is the kind of person that will wait until the guy will say goodbye and it’s over. After a month of being in a silent communication, the guy finally bid goodbye. Another painful experience for her and another tears to shed. Although she is preparing herself for this to happen, still she is hurting. I know she is strong and she will be able to overcome this pain one day. I wish that after the sad experiences, she will finally say it’s over of being in pain and start a happy beginning.

Thanks for the smiles

My mind is so full that wants to explode any minute. I can’t think straight and I can’t make my work done on time. Seems like what I did is wrong and making it right is very hard to do. I am glad that I have a friend who is always there for me to cheer me up. I really needed someone to talk to before I’m going crazy. She lights up my day and brings smiles on my face. For a moment I forgot the things that bothers me and it lightens the load I have in my mind. It is really good to have a friend who understand you and comfort you when you needed them. Thanks a lot my friend for the smiles, you never fail to give me smiles and your love. Though we do not have the same thinking sometimes still we managed to understand each other. I must say we are opposite, but that difference makes our friendship last for a decade and still counting. Thanks God for giving me a nice and caring friend like you. You know who you are…. Thanks a lot. Friends Forever.:-)

Lion in a Sheep’s Skin

The feeling is different the day I met you. It was so right and perfect for me. I know that there is no perfect in a relationship that is why couple should do their part to make it closer to perfection. We have ups and down but able to manage it well. I do not know what spell you put on me that even me if you hurt me more than twice, I still have given you space to come in. Stupid, I must say but it’s just happened. Maybe because of the sweet words you have said and the promises that all the while was a lie. I won’t beg for your stupid love because I don’t need it, all I want is for you to be honest. Shame on you for you does not have any balls to stand on your own.

All the while I was living in the land of a person who is just wearing and hiding in a sheep’s skin. Poor me, but I am happy because God doesn’t let me sink in the land of lies. If by chance you will be able to read this, I wish you good luck and I pray that you will find the courage and be brave enough to stand on what you are saying. Practice what you preach, do not be like the person that more on talking but less in action. Goodbye!