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Giving back to God

I have seen this boy growing up, making his dreams, setting up a plan and goals in life. Even before I can see it in his eyes how determined he is to make his dreams come true for his family. To him, his family is his first priority and his inspiration. His determination to help his family someday made him an outstanding student at school. The hard work of his parents was worth it because of the good grades and awards he got in school. His parents are so proud him because he did excel at school.

IIndeed the determination of a person will bring you to where you wanted to be because the boy is now a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). It is a dream come true after seeing his name on the new CPA board passers. The talent, ability and intelligence put him on his position right now. This is why he is throwing a thanksgiving party to give thanks to God for the wonderful blessings he has. The thanksgiving party is his own way of giving back to God the blessings he has received and he will be going to celebrate it with his family, relatives and friends. I say congratulations to him and thanks for the invite. Long way to go to and I pray for your success.

Go out with blogger friends

I meet these blogger friends of mine online. We became a bit closer because we interact one another in the network group we belong. The first time I am invited to joined the group, I am hesitant to talk to them because they are close to one another already. As a newbie, I just keep quiet, read their funny conversations and laughed with it. I am just observing what it is like to be in the group of bloggers. It turns out that they are good people, plus we are from the same region. Because I enjoyed their conversation, I tried to comment on one of their conversation. They replied and that is the beginning of our online friendship.

After months of talking online, we decided to meet one another. We set up a date, time and place. And this dinner with happens today. I am so excited to meet finally my online blogger friends. They are superior to me that is why I am shy to talk to them at first. While having our dinner, we talk of different blogging experiences and life’s experience. Seems like we meet before many times because we laughed a lot. The night was so good and I go home smiling. I am glad I finally meet my online blogger friends and had dinner with them. I pray that our friendship will lasts longer and looking forward for another night out. Thank you girls, I enjoyed a lot. It was nice to meet finally you in person for the first time.

She Just Left

It is too difficult to find a nanny/babysitter nowadays. With all the incidents and news we have seen on television about babysitter/nanny not treating the kids well. My sister is taking extra careful in finding one. As much as possible she wants a recommended babysitter/nanny. She is confident having a recommended babysitter. When she arrives, the sister is so happy because there is someone who will take good care of her son whiles she and her husband is at work. The babysitter/nanny was recommended by her mother-in-law. All went well because she and her husband likes the babysitter because she lover their son and also she does household chores correctly. Even if she is not ask to do it, she will. A perfect babysitter for them.

Three months later, the babysitter told the sister that she is leaving. It was so sudden and my sister is so shocked because the babysitter informed them that she is leaving the day before she left. It is a very difficult situation for my sister. How can she get a new babysitter. It is so difficult to get a replacement. If only she informed my sister early so that she will look for a new babysitter. Well, the babysitter just left yesterday and since they are still looking for a replacement, I will took over the babysitter job for my nine months old nephew. It will be so tiring, but I am used to it. Besides this is temporary job.

Safety of the People

This is my entry to Techie She Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaway Week 12. This week’s prize is $10 paypal cash credit from Sir Rob of Be a LifeSaver of Goodness.

The city celebrates 26th Kadayawan festival. The highlights of the celebrations are the street dancing and floral float parade. These are the celebrations on the street where people of Davao City loves to watch. Thousands of people are gathered together to witness and participate in the said festival. In line with this celebration, the city government makes sure the safety of the people that are why police officers, army, swat, volunteers and other men in uniforms are there to secure the place and the people of Davao as well as the tourists.

Happy 26th Kadayawan Festival to all the people of Davao City.

Say it out loud

To hear the truth from someone whom we expect to be honest enough is the best human act but too bad for others are not man to be honest just for once. I cannot seem to understand why there are individual who wants to hold back the life of others for their own benefits. Sending messages that are too confusing for a simple person who just wants to feel love by someone they choose to love. If you were to read between the lines it is like saying goodbye but not really saying it because he wants you to hold back. Isn’t it confusing?

Whoever you are, please be man enough to say it out loud if its goodbye already. Do not make a person hanging and waiting for you and the promises. If it isn’t going to work then have the courage to tell it to her because you slowly killing her. Even if I know that it is impossible for you to read this but if by chance you read this, do me a favor of saying the truth and stop pretending its okay because it is not. And to those who are in the same confusion, wake up and face the truth. Reading between the lines really helps. Good luck!