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Thank You Anne

I know this post is a bit late, but still I want to extend my gratitude to my friend Mary Anne for helping me with my EON card. I have been in trouble linking my EON card to PayPal. I do not want another charge for sending the wrong details so I asked her to help me with my EON debit card. Although I am ashamed to ask her, I still do because I do not know where to find any help. The only way to do is to contact the customer service. Unluckily, we do not have any land-line phone. I have tried several times using my mobile phone but it doesn’t allow me. This is the reason I am asking for Anne’s help because she has land-line phone. I am so glad that she said yes.

Even though she has sore throat, still she tried to call the customer service for me. After following the instructions, finally my EON debit card is now linked to PayPal. I am so happy because my agony is finally over. I can now transfer my money from PayPal to my bank account. I am able to withdraw the money after three days. I am so thankful to Anne for the helped. I do not know what to do without you (funny but this is true). Again, thank you Anne for the help. May God bless your kind heart always!

Thanks very much Mary Anne

Last Sunday, my internet connection is really bad and I do have lots of writing tasks to be done. I was on panicked because I wanted to finish it before the cut-off time. I am rebooting my laptop many times, done the troubleshooting, but still the connection is very bad. I cannot open even a single browser. It is frustrating I must say. I thought of slapping my laptop. That is how frustrated and disappointed I was with my internet connection. But even if I do that, still my internet connection won’t come back to normal.

I am glad that my friend Mary Anne (Mary Anne’s Musing is one of her multiple blogs) is online. I asked her if I could go at their place to use her Wi-Fi connection. I am so desperate to finish my tasks on time. I am so happy that she said yes. And because she stayed at their home the whole day, I grabbed the opportunity to finish my tasks. With Mary Anne’s kind heart and help my little brain, I was able to finish my writing tasks. Thanks very much Mary Anne for the free Wi-Fi and the foods. I would love to go back again because your internet connection is fast, plus the free foods. Haha! God bless you more Mary Anne.

The job that supports his family

One thing to recognize a blogger is when they are taking pictures anytime and anywhere. Bloggers do love to captures nice spots, and interesting things they have seen on the road, malls, parks, and other places to share something about the captured image on their websites. And that is what I am doing every time I go out of the house. And the image I shared is what I saw when I went to the beach with my sister and her friends.

We were riding on the motorboat on our way to the next island (as you can see the silhouette), when I thought of taking a photo of the man who controls the direction of the motorboat. When the boat is on the right direction, this man immediately turn on the motor. I get the chance to talk to this man after he sits down in from of the motorboat. He has been doing this job since the day the resort started to operates. I am amazed when he told me that his job supports her family financially. What a noble job I must say. He didn’t bother the heat and the waves everyday. To him, he is doing this for his family. Kudos to this man for his job is one of a kind. Something that we should be proud of. For without him/them, we cannot reach to the resort.

The Diva Bids Goodbye

The world is so saddened after hearing the news that the singer Whitney Houston died. I myself sad because she is one of my favorite singers. One of the best singers in the world because of the quality of voice that she has. I still remember the first time I heard her song “I Will Always Love you”. It was indeed a very nice sung by the best singer. As far as I remember, that was the song that made her known in the world. Well, I love all her songs and I am sure all love her songs as well.

The famous diva bids goodbye to her fans and love ones at the age of 48. Too young to die and there is nothing we can do but to accept and pray that she may rest in peace. Many are speculating the caused of her death is related to drugs but it is not proven yet until the investigation is finished. There are series of tributes are being made to remember her especially in the music industry. Her co-singers are sad because another great singer passed away. They are in the shocked mode but slowly sink in their mind that Whitney Houston is leaving the human world.

No one really knows when is our last time here on earth, all we have to do is always be ready and always say I love you to our loves ones each day.


On and Off

To be in a relationship with someone we love is the wonderful feelings we ever felt in our life. Sharing the love and showing that we cared for each other. Trials and temptations are part of it for it will test how far can we go to and how much we wanted it to stay strong for the relationship to last long. Though sometimes we wanted to give up but keep holding on for we believe that we can surpass the trials and difficulties.

I have heard several kind of relationship and there is one thing that I think is a tiring one. It is the “On and Off” relationship. Tiring because when the couples are in a serious problems they call it off and when things are back to normal, they are together again. To me it sounds like a relationship with benefits. Only together when everything is running smoothly. A coward act because it is refusing to face the trials and challenges in a relationship. Forgot to realized that rough road in a relationship is a puzzle that they have to solve together to proved to each other the love they have for each other.

I hope that to those into this kind of relationship will soon realize what they are missing. I know it is never easy, but I still wish that they will find the courage to face trials and for once cut this tiring relationship.