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The nephew is bored


After his afternoon nap, I always bring the nephew outside to take a walk. Walking around the village makes him happy because he gets to see other things. I can feel that he is bored looking at the same things in the four corners of the house. He loves to walk and go outside the house especially when he hears the laughing and screaming of the kids playing outside. I can tell that he wanted to join but at his age he cannot. The nephew is one year and one month old. Too little to join the kids playing outside.

One afternoon after the nephew woke up from afternoon nap, he went directly to the door. As you can see in the picture, he is really bored and wanting to go out. But I am not feeling well plus the weather. Not good to go outside because it is raining. He is looking at me like begging me to please let him out because the kids are outside bathing under the rain. The bored aunt (me), find it cute so I took a photo of his boring look. I so love this nephew of mine because I can sense that he is smart and a very good observer.

The Nipa Hut


The photo above is the Nipa hut that we stayed for two days last Saturday. It is very nice and so cute house cottage at the beach we went. And the lady in inside the Nipa hut is my sister. Said she will be the model so I took a photo of the Nipa hut with her sitting there and the boy on the stairs is her son playing the white sand. I didn’t know the nephew was there when I took the Oh well, too little to notice.

This Nipa hut reminds me of my life back when I was in the province of my parents. This kind of house is very common in the province where my parents were born. It is very memorable to me because it was the first time that I experienced to live in the Nipa house for a year. It was memorable because I am so scared to live in the house with lots of little holes. Holes that would make bad spirits and vampires will peek. Funny but it is true. I am so scared of those creatures. Whether is it true or not still I am so scared. Seeing the Nipa hut again makes me reminded of the time my siblings and I lives with my grandmother. And also, the Nipa hut is the typical house of indigenous people living in the country.

Honor Thy Parents

I was shocked when I was watching a documentary show last night.  It is a public service show where they help those people who is in need.  In the show, there was an old lady who is locked up beside their house.  And the one who locked her up is her own daughter and son-in-law.  How inhuman they are to do that to their mother.  They beat her when she is noisy and if they want her to sleep.  I felt like crying while watching the show because no one deserves to be treated that way.  Aside from she is their mother, she is also human that deserves some respect. The good thing is there is one concerned citizen who called the authority to help the old lady.  They succeeded of getting her from being locked up and now she is under the custody of a charitable institution.  An institution for aged person who are abandoned by their family.

Being old is never a sin, we all go there in due time and we do want to be treated as human.  With love and respect that is what we needed when we grow old.  I just hope that what they did to their mother wont happens to them soon by their own kids.

For me, our parents are gift from God to us.  They are the reason why we are here on earth and enjoying the gift of life.  No matter how good and bad our parents are, they are still our parents.  Sometimes we may think that if only we can choose what kind of parents we want.  But it is impossible for only God knows and decide what is best for us.  God gave us the kind of parents that we deserve and give us this kind of parents for a reason.  To all of us , HONOR THY PARENTS for they are the gifts from God to us.  To teach us and mold us into a better person.