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Have a classy fireplace

In every home in western countries where there is winter season, having fireplace inside their house is essential. This is to warm up the house when the weather is freezing. Also the fireplace helps us feel comfortable and not chilling during winter. As we all know, we find it unease to move when we feel the cold weather and feels chilled inside our body. We are shaking when we feel cold right? That is why we need to have fireplace to warm us up. There are different kinds of fireplace and sizes. It depends on the area you have at home and the style of house you have. You can definitely pick the style and size for a fireplace.

If you ever think of doing a little renovation of your current fireplace, there is website that would help you in deciding what fireplace suits in your home. You can visit the website anytime and take a look at the nice fireplaces they offered for everybody. If you want a classy one, you can find it there. Name it and they have it for you. I am pretty sure that your fireplace would look classy and beautiful. With the kind of designs that fireplaces has, it will add more decorations at your home. Also, you can order the sizes you want of the design you like. So, if your thinking of renovating your fireplace do it now because winter fast approaching.

Bring warm ambiance at home

In a country where there is winter season, to have a fireplace at home is a must. It is to bring warm ambiance at home. It would be more comfortable to stay at any part of the house because of the fireplace. I presumed we all have seen kinds of fireplace in the market, but there is new style of fireplaces that is not so expensive and that would match in our house. The designs are fabulous that would surely fits to your homes. This electric fireplace is the popular fireplace today. It is safe, clean and will not harm the environment. Try this one and experience the warm and comfortable ambiance at our own home.

Wanted to go home

Last night, I visited my nephew who was admitted in the hospital few days ago. I am not contented with the messages that the brother sent to me. I wanted to see in my own two eyes the real condition of the nephew. I also missed the nephew that is why I visited him together with my brother. When I entered the ward where the nephew is, I am happy because the nephew smiled at me. The sick and weak face of the nephew few days ago is gone. The black color surrounds his eyes is gone already. I am glad that the nephew is getting better. He was dehydrated when the brother and SIL brought him to the hospital.

I am talking to my SIL when I was there. I am happy to know that the nephew is slowly recovering. He is taking his medicines, vitamins, drinking his milk and eating. He is no longer vomiting and discharging of water is reduced to one from more than five times a day. While talking to his mom, the nephew always told his mother that he wants to go home. I bet he is bored lying in the hospital and seeing the same people inside the ward for two days. haha! He wanted to play I guess and missed his older sisters. Well, be patient nephew because you will be going home tomorrow. Just finish the remaining medicines and you will be going home after that. Thanks God that the nephew is getting better now.

My new bed sheet


The photo above is my bed wearing the new bed sheet with two pillow cases that I bought a week ago. For the first time, I go for the color blue one. My previous bed sheets were colored pink because pink is my favorite color. I choose color blue because it is my sister’s favorite color. Well, I just missed my sister lately. After she got married I missed sleeping beside her. This bed sheet will make me feel that my sister is with me still. By the way, she was with me when I bought this bed sheet. haha!

This bed sheet is another remembrance from the money I earned through blogging. It is indeed feels good to see the fruits of our labor, right? I thank God for the bunch of blessings He has showered on me. I bought what I like and want, helps the family and treat them to have lunch or dinner outside. It feels great to do those things for the family. They are so special to me and seeing their happy faces makes me so happy. And even great to see the things that I bought for myself after doing the hard works online. Working online is a bit tiring because of the time we are working but it is worth is to see the fruits of our labor.

The light is busted

I was in the middle of doing my online stuff when the light in my room shut off. I am supposed to stay up late last night but was not able to do it because there is no light. I was told that it is not good to work if there is no light because it is not good to our eyes. I went to my brother who is sleeping to wake him up to check the light. The brother is trying to fix it but still the light is not turning on. After trying several times, the brother says is not working anymore we better buy a new one.


It is so untimely because I have lots of things to do in my blog especially the one I have just transferred. I do not like to stay in the living room because I saw someone watching me the last time I sleep late. I do not want to experience it again that is why I opted to stay in the room than in living room. Even if I do want to go to bed yet because I am not yet sleepy, I have to do it because it is hard to work with no lights. It is good thing I guess because I always sleep yet the past days. Instead of getting pissed off, I am thankful of what happened because I get to sleep more time last night and well rested.