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Coffee maker for my father

I was helping the sister in cleaning her house when I saw her coffee maker. I asked her if she is still using it and said she didn’t use it anymore. Some parts of the coffee maker is not working anymore that is why the sister stuck it inside the drawer. My father is a coffee drinker and I wanted to buy him coffee maker but I do not have extra yet. Since the sister is no longer using her coffee maker, I asked him to give it to me and I will buy bunn replacement parts so that the father can use it. I do have not need to buy coffee maker for my father because the sister gave it to me her old coffee maker. Thanks to my dearest sister.

The easy way

I always see my brother every time he opens a bottle; he uses spoon, nail or bite the cover to open the bottle. The brother is doing it even now for he is used to it. Although I am used of the brother doing it, I feel hurt when he opens it using his teeth. It made me decide to buy a bottle opener since the brother drinks beer thrice a week. I like the designs and the color that the sinf custom bottle openers has. It is not only a bottle opener but can be a nice key chain too. I can bring it anywhere. So when we go on picnic, it would be so easy to open the bottle. The brother will no longer be using spoon, nail or his teeth in opening the bottle.

Should I be thankful or get hurt?

I remember 10 months ago, when I carried my father to the bathroom because he cannot stand on his own. His knee is swelling. I can tell that he is in pain. And seeing him like that makes me sad. Since my brothers and sister are working, I am the one who will attend the father. But the siblings do help me at night. I can’t forget the back pain I had, after carrying my father. It was never in my dream that I can carry my father to the bathroom. But I did able to carry him using the chair. The memory is still fresh in my mind, when the father told me that he is thankful that I am plus size because if not I won’t be able to carry him. Though there are possibilities since the father is very sickly as he getting old, I so wish that experienced won’t occur again.

My fear comes back because the father now is sick again. He cannot walk and stand on his own. I have to assist him to get up and eat. My goodness, the father is getting heavier. I wish the brother is here to help me, because I am having some hard time carrying the father because my back is aching. Guess the father is too heavy for me. Once again, the father is thankful of my plus size. I do not know if I should be thankful for what the father said or get hurt. Haha! Funny but it is true, because I am doing my hardest to lose weight, but seems like no effect at all to my father.

Have their own house

The dream of the sister to have their own house is finally come true. Yes, they just bought the house they have rented for a year. Also, they paid it in full the amount of the house and lot at the housing loan agency. By just looking at the face of my sister, I can tell that she is very happy. Her plans and goals are slowly coming true. Double the happiness because she just bought the house near our house. Awesome! The family will not missed her that much because she can visit us anytime and we can visit her anytime as well. The hard work and prayers of the sister has answered.

Now that the house is fully paid, the sister can now do whatever she wants. She has lots of plans to improve the house she just bought. In fact her husband does draw the look of their house soon. Excited? Yes, very much! haha! Can’t blame them, they just acquired the house they dreamed to have. Indeed, things do come true if we work hard and do our very best to meet what we want in life. Congratulations to my sister and her family. The title of the house will be delivered to your doorstep soon. Home sweet home for you!

Fireplaces then and now

For most people living in the cold regions having the presence of fire inside the house is indispensable. These days, despite the modern ways of heating one’s home there’s still something about a fireplace that is pleasing to have around. Its comfort soothes the soul like no other.

Back in the old days, the method of using woods for heating homes is almost as old as dirt but is likewise the most effective way to contain a fire within the comfort of one’s home, no matter its size. Most fireplaces in the earlier times were made of stones and strategically a hole in the roof of the structure to allow smoke to vent skyward – simple, low tech and still effective although not as efficient as the modern innovations of today – smoke, ash and dirt-free.

These days, contemporary fireplaces don’t only keep you and your family warm on chilly winter nights but it also has a decorative quality a home owner can make use of to enhance a living room. And whether you’re using electric, gas, pellet stoves or wood, when it comes to customizing a fireplace that is sure to meet your specifications, Agee Woodworks is the place to be. You can contact them by dialling the following numbers: 877-768-3678 or simply visit their website at