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Because the cook is not feeling well

My brother used to work away from the city. He opted to work far because the father and he are not in good terms. They are not fighting or arguing, just that the brother does not want to stay closer to my father. He does not like that idea of telling him what to do and telling him that he is wrong. That is why he is trying his hardest to find a job outside the city. Luckily, he finds one and working there for almost three years. He earns good on the job he has, however, there is one problem one of his colleague is envious. He does not want misunderstanding and so he left his job and back to us.

Since he does not have a job, he is the one who is in-charge at the kitchen. Good thing because sometime I am not in the mood to cook. Things went well, unto the brother got sick. It is so sad because the cooking responsibility goes back to me. I felt sorry for the condition of my brother and I pray that he gets well soon. He is still under medication right now and hopefully we get to see some development on his condition. The cook in the family is sick that is why I am back to reign in the kitchen. I love to cook just that because the cook is sick, it added more job to me. My days are tiring of course but no one will take good care of him since he is still single. Get well soon brother and take good care of yourself from now on.

My love for kids

My passion to be with kids started when I was young. I love to play the role of a mother every time my friend and I are playing. I like to take care of them, get them dressed and fed them even it is just an imaginary one. It was because of my mother’s teachings. I remember my mother loves to dress my sister and I like a doll. And also she loves to sew us a dress. Those scenes made a mark in my mind and always think that one day I can do that to my own kids. An out of nowhere dreams for a six years old kid right? But that was how I think back then.

Those memories are still intact in my mind up to now that I am a bit older. At present I am taking good care four kids. My brother’s and sister’s kid. They are messy and hard headed but I have the patience because kids are like that. The thing that would make me angry is when they are fighting. I really do not like seeing them fighting. Yes, they are child and that is normal but I do not like them to fight. As much as possible I want them to love one another because they are siblings. My sister’s son is just nine months old and not making a mess yet. These four kids make me so busy each day, but I love to be with them because they make me smile. They are funny at times and that what I like about them. Seeing them growing each day and their developments each day is a treasure.

Happy memories to remember

The brother and his wife encounter bumps in their life. They have been married for eight months already. They have settled the bumps/problems that they have met and manage it well. However, the problem that they are facing right now shatters their marriage life. The brother’s wife left him and their three months old son for other man. I felt sorry for him because the woman she loves the most and his everything left him suddenly. We do not know how he is doing because they live far from us. He called me and asked me if I could fetch them. I feel his pain so the older brother and I went to their place to fetch them.

The five days that they stayed with us is one of the memorable moments in the family. The three months old nephew is so cute, bubbly and loves to smile a lot. We love the nephew very much because he gives happiness to the family even in for short time. Now the mother came back and the brother forgives and accept him, they are not living with us. We missed the nephew a lot. I always remember the days when he is with us. He wakes me up early and makes me sleep very late. It was worth it though because the nephew is an angel. The five days of staying with us is a happy memory to remember.

Preparing the home for their house guest

The aunt is working abroad for more than a decade now. She has built her dream house and sent her kids to prestigious schools. When one of her closest friends from foreign land thinking of having a vacation in the country, she offered her house since she has spare room. Besides her friend will only stay for three days. To accommodate her friend and to make her feel comfortable while staying at their abode, the aunt is putting commercial pumps to keep up the heating and cooling atmosphere at her house. They are almost done preparing their house for their guest and the other needs of the guest. She wants to make sure that her guest will enjoy her stay and make her stay worth it.

Safety comes first

There is a big responsibility in owning a gun. This is because a gun is deadly and it is dangerous to children that are why we have to keep it in a safe place. It is not good to put it in the closet because kids might see it accidentally. That is why we have to put it in the safe place like biometric gun safe. This is the safest place to put our valuable stuffs and guns. We do not need to put passwords for only your fingerprint is needed. It will only recognize your fingerprint; you can assure that no one will try to open it. Just like other vault, you do not have to put password for it only needs your fingerprint. We have to remember that safety comes first, and so having this biometric gun safe is a perfect idea.