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His 32nd Birthday

 photo GEDC0696_zps1b8kouhq.jpgTomorrow is the 32nd birthday of the youngest siblings in the family. His wife wanted to surprise him on his special day. She coordinated with me about her plans. It was so sweet of her to think of a surprise birthday celebration of her husband. They live far from us and it is impossible for us to go there and celebrate with him because it is very costly. However, his beloved wife gave us money so we go and surprise him. Last Sunday was the celebration because we can’t go on working days. We are glad to see him so happy. We missed him very much.

Anyways, on his 32nd birthday I wish him all the best in life, good health, happy life, success on his business. more blessings from above and long life. We may that there with him when he has problems because he lives very far from us, I wanted him to know that he can always count on us. He can visit us anytime and we will always there for him. I am glad that my brother is so strong to overcome the trials and difficulties that comes his way. We also pray that whatever decision he makes, we will always support and pray for him. Happy birthday brother and God bless you always!

To make it more elegant

One thing that I am into now is making our table elegant. Every time we have occasion at home, I see to it that the tables looks great and elegant. Right now I am thinking of beautiful table arrangement for the fiesta celebration in our village. I search for great table arrangements. I have an idea now, I just have to buy Runners at to make the table more elegant. Our fiesta celebration is definitely be a great one. The elegant table arrangement would make the invited relatives and friends feel special.

Shelf to put all my books

I have lots of books at home. I just put it inside the box. When I feel like reading, I just look one book that I will read inside the box. If only I have a shelf, I do not need to dig in the box every time I am looking for a certain books or when the nieces and nephews need one for reference. I want to have a shelf that is made of cherry veneer wood. My brother knows how to make a shelf. I will ask him if he could make one for me. When he will say yes, I will soon buy the materials needed.

Sunday is family day

Sunday is one of the most important days of the family. This is the day wherein we could spend more time with the family especially the kids. Also the day where we could rest and relax from busy life at work. To us, Sunday is family day. During this day, we see to it that we spend quality time with the family. We like to do things where we could bond and have fun. One of the things that we do every Sunday is doing mini-concert in the living room. Since we all love to sing, sing-a-long is the best bonding of the family. With the help of the television, sound system, speakers, microphone and rca male to male the sing-a-long bonding made possible. It is really fun to do stuffs that the family loves to do. It is the treasure that we will keep forever in our hearts.

Remembering his death anniversary

Yesterday was the death anniversary of my younger brother. He died when he was little. We lost counts of how many years already since he died. My father did not remember it either. We offered a mass for him yesterday. Unfortunately, we will not be able to visit him tomb because it was gone years ago. It was more than a decade since the last time we visited him tomb. He was buried in the province where we used to live before. When we moved in the city, we planned to transfer him in the cemetery near my late mother. However, when we went to the cemetery where he buried, his tomb was gone. We search everywhere but we did not find it.

It is very sad that we did not able to find and transfer him. Though his tomb is gone, we still remembers his special day and will always offers prayers for him. During All Souls day, we light candles for him and offered prayers for him. On his death anniversary, the family is offering a mass for him. To show our love to him and telling him that wherever he is now, he will always be in our hearts forever. May you rest in peace.