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She sure is the sweetest

Every Friday is my schedule of doing my laundry. But because I am not feeling well I did not able to do my laundry. It makes me sad seeing my loads of laundry but I am so weak to do it. I decided to my laundry this week. Yesterday when the niece is doing her laundry, I asked her if she could include my jeans to lighten up my laundry. I was not expecting her to say yes because I have asked her before already but she said no. I am just testing her yesterday. And I am surprised that she said yes. And told me that she will do all my laundry.

I am the happiest aunt I must say because of my niece gesture. She sure is the sweetest, though most of the time she is stubborn.haha! I can say that she is becoming more responsible now and I can count on her. I rest well yesterday, also stress free because my laundry is done. Big thanks to my niece for helping me doing my laundry. I hope that she will become more responsible daughter, niece, big sister to her siblings so that her parents will be so happy that we raised a good child. Keep up the good works niece, you’re making me so proud of you. Be good and hope stubbornness will be gone for good.

Another angel coming up

We have an unexpected visitors today at home. My sister-in-law dropped by this afternoon. She usually message us if she is going to visit us. But today no message from her. My father, sister and I are in the middle of our conversation when we heard a voice outside our house calling our attention. When the sister checked who is outside, it was our sister-in-law. Visiting us wasn’t in her plans today. She went to the home mortgage for their house filing the documents when she thought of visiting us. We are surprised and of course happy because she finds time to visit us despite her busy schedule for today. We seldom see her and my brother and their son because they live very far from us. Despite the distance they still finds time to visit us especially our father.

Even though she is alone visiting us, still we are glad because she thought about us. Aside from the surprise visit, she also told us that she is two months on the way. Yes, another angel is coming up. Another angel will be added to our family tree. We are so happy for them especially me for I keep on teasing them to make another baby, preferably a girl.LOL! Congratulations to my brother and sister-in-law and thank you God for this wonderful gift.

Home sweet home

After nine (9) days of vacation in the province of my parents now I am back. I am missing home. I missed everyone at home especially my bed, my room, my pillows, everything. Every time I am away these are the things that I so missed, especially my bed. At the province I sleep on the floor. When I lay down, I think of my queen size bed back home.LOL I am not complaining, I am just saying.haha! I am glad now that I am home. When I arrived, I took a lot of sleep because I was not able to sleep well at the bus and at the vessel.

The was so tiring but worth it because I am able to rest well away from the busy city. I am able to be with nature more. Indeed life at the province is simple but fun. And there is peace and quiet. I did go to beach, which I like the most. I did not mind the hot weather and heat of the sun because I am having fun swimming. I am enjoying the white sand beach at the province. The vacation is over. I am back to the city life. And happy to be back home. My home sweet home. Hoping to be back again at the province with the family.

Fruitful Holidays

Doing some changes at home is what I love to do when I am bored and feel lonely. This is how I keep myself busy to cope up with the boredom and loneliness. Lately, I thought of giving our house a new look. I have thought about it for days because I can’t think of look that will make the house spacious. I felt the house is so crowded even if we do not have lots of stuffs at home. The kids keeps my mind fully occupied that is why I am stuck. I need to do general cleaning at home but can’t because of the kids. I so wish to have at least two days of peace at home so I can pursue the changes that I want to do at home.

Because of the city’s anniversary, there is two (2) days non-working holidays. It is an answered prayers because I can start the changes at home. I started cleaning the closet, throw unwanted stuffs, and giving away the things that we no longer use like old clothes. It was a fruitful holidays for me because I accomplished something at home. It is not enough though, but at least I have started. This weekend I plan to continue the general cleaning and this coming holy week. Hopefully I will be able to give the house new look. What look? I do not know yet, I have to clean first and think of the rest after the general cleaning. I have to take a good rest for a bit now. Good luck to me.

Thanks for the help

I am thinking of what to share here. I look back of the events that happens to me last year, December of last year to be exact. I thought of things that I need to be thankful for and finally decided what to write and whom to thank. Last Christmas (December 25, 2015), the girlfriend of my older brother came to celebrate with us. It was a surprised for us and we are happy that she choose to celebrate Christmas with us. She is very nice woman and friendly. She is easy to go along with. She is not the type that will stay in the corner and will not talk.

Anyways, I want to thank the girlfriend of my brother and hopefully soon to be wife, for paying a visit last Christmas. For making my brother happy. I also thank her for helping me cleaning the kitchen, helping me preparing the foods for the nephew’s birthday (Christmas day is the nephew’s birthday, by the way). I really appreciate it and your coming is really a big help. You really have a big heart. Thanks for loving my brother and I pray that your relationship will last longer and that you will end up being together forever. Hopefully, you will be part of the family. Hope sooner because I am really excited.*wink