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The nephews does not like car pool

The school year 2019-2020 starts last June 3, 2019 here in the country. Busy days are here again for me. My duty in sending and fetching the nephews at school starts as well. I am glad that the nephews are in afternoon session. I do not need to get up early, and suffer the early morning traffic everyday. Their classes starts at 12:00 noon and ends at 6:00 pm. The picking up hours for the public vehicles and buses. I must say, it is very difficult to commute at this hour.

Because of the nephew’s schedule, their mother (my sister), and I are thinking of getting them in the car pool. With car pool, we are sure that the kids will be home before dinner time. I do not have to fetch them at school because the car pool will send them home. No hassle for me with this setup, the problem is the nine (9) year old nephew, does not want a ride in the car pool. He wants me to fetch him from school.argsh! We do not know why only the nephew knows. He just told us that he does not like to ride in the car pool. And he won. I will be doing the same routine, sending and fetching them. Poor

The father’s request was granted

We do not plan for having our summer outing at the beach this year because the father is sick. He cannot walk yet, and not fully recovered. It is not a good idea to go out because he gets tired easily. However, while having our dinner, the father said that he wants to go to the beach. He wants us to have our usual summer bonding. As much as possible we want to grant father’s request. Right there, the sister and I planned our overnight summer outing at the beach.

We had our summer outing at the beach last May 26 and 27, 2019. The two days and one night stay at the beach was fun. We saw the smile on father’s face. He is happy watching the kids having fun in the water. But, a bit sad because the younger brother did not make it. Even so, we still see his smiles that we missed to see for months. The father’s request was granted and he is very happy. Thank you to my older sister for the treat. We get to relax and unwind away from the busy city for two days. It was one memorable bonding with the family.

P.S. I shared some photos I took during our summer outing at the beach.

Sleepover at my sister’s house

Last night I stayed overnight at my sister’s house. This is not new to me because I always do this every time the sister’s husband went to his parents (in the province). I just accompanying her while her husband is not around. Before I was the only one sleeping at their house, but now we are three. My nieces went with me too. They want to sleep in the air-conditioned room. For several attempts of begging to their mother, their mother said yes. The girls are very happy and excited. They brought with them blanket and their body pillow.

I like to sleepover at my sister’s house because of my two nephews. Every time I sleepover at their house, they want to sleep beside me and they keep on talking to me. It is like we have not seen each other for a long time. Yes, they are very sweet kids like me. Last night they did not know that I will sleep at their house. When I went there they are already sleeping. When I open my eyes early this morning, the first faces that I saw are my nephews smiling at me and said “Tita” (Aunt in english). Isn’t it sweet? I hope to sleep there more often so the nephew and I can bonding before going to sleep.

New schedule of household chores

I started giving the girls assignments at home two years ago. I wanted them to help in doing the chores at home at early age so that they will grow being a responsible person. It was not easy teaching them because they are not paying attention then. All they wanted to do is to go outside and play with their friends. I just told them that they are allowed to go outside and play only when they are done doing the chores I assigned to them. So instead of complaining they do the chores assigned to them so they can play with their friends.

They have been doing well with the chores assigned to them. I have helpers at home. They have been doing the same chores for a while now and I thought of doing some changes. I will make new schedule of household chores because the kids are getting at school especially the niece who is graduating from elementary. Also, I would like to make new assignments for them so they won’t get bored doing the same chores. It would be new assignments, new chores and new obligations. When I am done with the scheduling I will let the girls know right away. I hope it is fine with them and I hope they find it more interesting and challenging.

Teaching her how to do the laundry

I have started teaching them doing the household chores when they are nine and ten years old. Because I want them to become a responsible human being at the early age. The same thing my late mother told us when we are young. I felt sad before because I felt I am depriving of being a child, but looking at of what I am now, I am forever thankful to my mother. May she rest peacefully. I have taught them doing the dishes, cleaning the house, cleaning clutter and cooking rice. So far, they are doing well of the chores assigned to them. Though I still need to supervise them to avoid mistakes and for them to finish the task/s fast.

Their parents are both working and do not have time to teach their kids. As I am their aunt, I will do the teaching on their behalf. The nieces are now ages 12 and 14, right ages for them to know how to do the laundry. I started teaching them last week. I must show to them from segregating clothes, and so on. And yes, the girls are complaining, saying it is so tiring plus the loaded of dirty clothes.LOL! I understand them because I did the same when I was taught on doing the laundry. We are on our two weeks of laundry lesson, and I am hearing fewer complaints now. Thank God! Hopefully, on our third week, they can do it on their own. Good luck girls.